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Pete Carroll: Friday Training Camp presser

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Here's what Pete Carroll had to say on Friday after Seahawks' training camp practice one.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

July 31, 2015

(Open) "It's really, really exciting to be out here first day. It takes us a long time to get back to this day, so much happens then all of a sudden it's a first time experience again, the fans being out, the players, the coaches excited and all of that. It's really cool to be on the field. A lot of exciting things happen here, a lot of new guys on today. It's exciting to see Jimmy [Graham], Ahtyba Rubin, first time out, and Cary Williams, get these guys that we haven't been able to include in - offensive linemen - a ton of things to watch here so it's really fun, energy was great, good first day of practice, and off we go."

(On Russell Wilson's contract) "It was imminent, it was coming the whole time. We wanted to do it, it was his turn, you know how we've done it, you've watched this. We give guys opportunities and we try to take full advantage of nailing them when we can. It was a long process to get it done but now that it's over, it's good for him, it's good for our club, he's worked his butt off for years with us, we've got a lot off Wilson so it was time to get him a new contract. I think you can see that still, we continue, we're still working, we've got big stuff to do today, and we're not done. You know we've got things to do and we're watching to see what's happening but we're not finished."

(On if he has compassion for the situations guys are in that want more out of their contracts, particularly Michael Bennett) "I think that I'm compassionate, I understand. I know they're trying to make the most of their opportunity and do what's best for them and try to turn the situation. They're difficult decisions, and they're hard for them, and their hearts are passionate. He loves this game, he's a great football player on our team and he made the decision to come, and it's a tough choice. Sometimes when the sign, they love what they sign, and it looks different after a while and so I'm compassionate towards these guys, and try to help them through the process, talk them through it, make sure that they understand everything, and try to make the best decisions and support them all the way."

(On talking to Kam Chancellor) "We've been messaging back and forth, yeah. Let me say this too, nobody asked the question. Kam Chancellor is an amazing Seahawk, part of this team, we love him in every way, he stands for exactly what we want, about this game, being a Seahawk, playing for us and we want to make something happen, we're going to try to figure it out as we go through it, really we don't see any of the other side of it. Kam Chancellor is a champion warrior football player, part of this team and one of the ultimate leaders on this team too, so we want to have him back, we'd love to have him back with us. He has his points. He's got his thoughts, he's a very smart guy. He's thought this out and made it very clear the choice this time."

(On if Kam's absence is disruptive) "We don't see it as disruptive. There's so much going on that everybody's pushing to make something happen. It isn't disruptive at this point, but we miss him and it's too early in the process to know the impact of it but we'd love to have him with us."

(On Earl Thomas coming back from his shoulder injury) "We're going to be really patient, and if you remember how we started it, we're going to be really patient and not jump to decision, he's worked really hard, he's making great progress, the timeline, let's wait and see how long it takes for it to be really safe and secure for him to come out. He plays this game with such reckless abandon, he's got to be 100% ready to go, whatever that means, we're not going to jump the gun on that at all."

(On Jeremy Lane coming back from his injuries) "Jeremy's still got his knee thing going on, they've got a schedule for him that we're shooting for. We don't know when they're shooting for him to play in the preseason."

(On PUP) "That stuff has happened, Paul [Richardson]'s on PUP. He's had an extraordinary recovery and he's champing at the bit to be out here. It's only been five months or something, it's too soon but his competitive approach to it, he's been through it before and he's doing beautifully at this point, and we're going to assess each day to see how he's doing and how we can project that so he is on PUP to return whenever we can pull him off it, it's best for his mindset to compete and to get back."

(On Jeremy Lane in a preseason game) "No. He's got a longer haul, he's got the knee thing. That's a much longer process and he's still working on his arm thing too. Dual issues, but it's going to be awhile for him."

(More on PUP) "[Tharold] Simon is on PUP as well. Jesse [Williams] is on the other category. It's remarkable that he's at this place at this time, he's got to get in football shape, and he missed two months of workout stuff so he's got to get back in football shape. He'll have some more evaluations done soon. There's a chance that Jesse could make it back to play and it would be remarkable if that happens, he's busting his tail to get that done every step of the way. Dion Bailey's got a hamstring thing which might be a few days, we're making sure he's okay, but he is on PUP in that category he can come back to us immediately, maybe a week or two."

(On Jeremy Lane) "Those are long projections, maybe 8 or 9 months out, projections on those though, you go and stack up those months and it's tough to come back. His arm's a little bit of a different issue and I don't know what that's going to be, if it's going to hold him up, but he needs the time for his arm as well so we be very patient."

(On Brandon Mebane and Robert Turbin) "Mebane practiced the whole thing, it was great to have him back. To have him back out with us. It's a great addition to our football team, he's been a star for years and it was really hard playing without him last year, but it's great that he's back, and that he's part of it, that's great news. Turbin practiced on a limited basis, so right now with Robert we have to take it day after day to see how he takes it, see how he recovers, so he's like day to day right now. He looked very good today."

(On Jimmy Graham's first day) "Oh it was awesome, he was all over the place catching balls. What an exciting addition for a club and everyone can feel it. We've got some things we do that he fits right in with, there are a couple little tweaks we do and we've done with him in the past and it's just going to be building the connection but it is going to be done. He and Russell have been together already, they've already got a feel for one another, we're thrilled about it. He looked great today."

(On Marshawn) "He looked good, he looked good today and quick and it was a great first day."

(On Russell's deal) "You never know, but we were committed and anything that anyone heard otherwise, or anything other than that was wrong. We love the guy, he's done a fantastic job for us, structured our offense to take advantage of what Marshawn does and what Russell does, he's a perfect fit for us. Whatever anyone else thinks of him we don't care. He fits the way we play and the style of play, he compliments the running game, and the toughness and the difficulty and the explosive plays.

We're the leading team in the NFL with explosive plays on offense because of that mix that we get from he and Marshawn and the receivers and so it's a great fit, I'm thrilled for the fans, they know they've got Russell for a long time to watch him grow up. He's a young guy playing this game, four years old. I actually talked to him before the deal was done with the thought that it was going to happen, we talked last night, real earnest about what would happen and what would come towards him, here's the media and all that kind of stuff, in preparation for it and then we talked later when we finally had completed. There's a lot of stuff I'm not going to share with you, but it's just about dealing with what comes along with this kind of recognition, but he's been such a great team guy, and a lot of folks go right to one guy here, and he understands it's about all of the guys around here that he's played with and been able to be successful with."

(On what does come with the recognition of a deal like Wilson received) "Well there's....anything, you know it's being ready for whatever happens. There will be opinions, we've seen a lot of opinions and expectations come all the way for years around here. We're pretty used to whatever you throw at us, we're going to be okay with it. It's just making sure that he's open and ready and receptive to dealing with that understanding. He's in great shape and ready to go and he has not met with you guys yet."

(On how Wilson reacted to contract negotiations) "He's really competitive. I mean no surprise right? He's really competitive just like the rest of us. It was emotional you know to some extent. I think in his heart he knew we always wanted this to happen and we're going to get it done, we're going to find a way and he handled himself beautifully throughout the process."

(On tailoring offense to Wilson) "We have. We do that with everybody. That's nothing different. We don't do it because of Russell. He runs well together with Jimmy and the stuff that he does well. We try to fit things for Marshawn [Lynch] that he does beautifully well and that's just the way we've always structured stuff and try to find uniqueness. Russell has a really unique style of play that he separates from a lot of other players and not everybody recognizes that as the pure quarterback thing. Well he rushed for 800 yards last year. He had a football team be the leading rushing team in the NFL which that's the make-up of our team: is a hard, tough, physical, aggressive football team. He is part of that and we have an explosive passing game. He is a big part of it, but everybody is. To me that's no concession for him. It's just the way we operate."

(On players wanting new contracts due to performance) "I'm glad you point that out. Look at where our guys have come from. Look at where Richard [Sherman] has come from, where Kam [Chancellor] has come from, where K.J. [Wright] has come from, and Jermaine Kearse, and Doug Baldwin, and it just keeps going you know, and Luke Willson, it goes on, J.R. Sweezy, all of those were 5th round guys or lower, I think Kam was a fourth. I think that's exactly what it says. That's why I am so thrilled with the work that they do. Johnny's [Schneider] done a fantastic job. I hope you recognize too there's a philosophy, there's an approach, and there's a commitment to it that I hope you can see and here we are again, we were able to get the quarterback done and we're still working. That's based on a big plan and a really good foundation of understanding and John really leads the charge in that."

(On the inevitability of players wanting more money because of successful seasons) "I think it's pretty typical. I think it's to be understood with the success comes the expectation from their part as well and so we have to deal with that really well. It is a fact, it is an issue that the guys have to go with. We're watching just what we're going through right now, the growing pains of last year and this year. There is always this painful kind of thing that you work with, the issues in the things you have to do. This is part of this ascent and so how we deal with it, are we able to handle it? Can we keep our focus and practice like we did today day after day after day and keep our level of play? We'll find out. I don't know. But I do know how we go about it. We have to be able to endure these issues and the challenges of it. We're going to try and show you that we can figure it out and find out how we do it by our approach and what we do. I feel confident that we can. I don't think it's easy, but I feel confident that we can."

(On Lemuel Jeanpierre practicing with the ones) "We have four centers. Tom [Cable] has a workout that is a really good focal point for camp. It's a great camp competition situation for us. You saw it they were sharing ones and Patrick [Lewis] and Kristjan [Sokoli] were working with the twos and threes. We'll just see how that goes, this is going to be one of our keenest areas we are watching for the competition of it. Drew [Nowak] had a really good offseason, we know Lem can play so we're going to see where this goes and we're not going to shut the door on any of these four guys. So it's just open competition, see how it goes."

(On Alvin Bailey's weight) "325 is a good weight for him. He worked really hard to do that. We're really proud that he's recognized the opportunity is there. For a big man that demonstrates that he gets it. Now we'll let his plays speak for itself and he'll get a great chance. That's another great spot though to watch the competition."

(On Wilson throwing and if they could put him in someone else's offense) "I'm glad you asked the question because if you tried to put him in somebody else's offense I don't know how it's going to work. I only know how it's going to work on our offense. He fits beautifully into what we're doing. We're trying to make it so difficult for our opponents to figure out where the ball is going and what they have to deal with. Where they have to focus and here comes Jimmy, Doug, and Jermaine outside. You know I'm hoping that it continues to be complicated for our opponents and we can keep making yards. If we can continue to run the ball close to the best of the NFL and be explosive in the throwing game like we have. We're hard to deal with and that's really good for us as long as we keep that football. All of that is what makes up this football team so that's why Russell is so intricate to our team."

(On Carroll's ability to bounce back after the Super Bowl) "It's been a long, hard career. I do a lot of stuff and I learned from a lot of terrific people who've shown me how you need to handle stuff and how you act and how you handle your business. Go ahead and get fired, three or four times in your life and see how you like it. There's a freedom that comes from that, dangerous once you've been dead already you know. Our principles and the way we think and the outlook that we have, the optimism that we hold, our ability to control what we're involved with by really focusing great on what we can do gives us a chance to take on any challenge. Whether you win, it's a huge challenge, it's fascinating to deal with it and it's a great challenge. I couldn't be more excited for the challenge of winning and coming back again and going again. How hard could it be? We're going to find out. Sticking with the philosophy and the approach though. We're not changing. We have our beliefs and we're going to bring them to the front and see if they can stand the test and if we do, we'll be stronger and tougher than ever."

(On Kam and Earl out and testing the depth at safety) "Well I'm really excited about DeShawn Shead. He's been such a great player on our team and waiting for his opportunity. I said to the guys last night, nobody comes here to be a great back-up. They don't dream about being a heck of a back-up in the NFL. They dream about playing. DeShawn Shead's chance is up right now and unfortunately Kam is not here, but the fact is like he's hurt. We go to the next guy and expect him to play up and we've always done that and now it is Shead's opportunity and we'll see how he does. Steven Terrell is a system guy for us. He's going to do everything he can to be the guy Earl's been out there. He's as fast as Earl, he's about the same size. Our expectation is he is going to try to fill it like he can. I don't think anyone is like Earl but he is going to do it in his way and figure out what that means. We have to coach, we have to compete, that's what we're doing and we can only coach the guys that are here and out there and we're really committed to that."

(On players' motivation after losing the Super Bowl and if they responded positively) "I don't think they've reacted positively to it at all. They've responded to the fact that we went through something that was very difficult. They've demonstrated that with their work habits. They've demonstrated that with enthusiasm that they bring to the challenge that's ahead of us and I have no problem with that. There's no question that these guys are ready to respond but we won't really know until we start adding up the days of camp and the games and seeing the results of the games and how we respond to all of that. There's a lot going on but these guys are tough-minded, they know how we do it. The older guys are teaching the younger guys, the older guys are like 26 around here but they're teaching the younger guys how we think and how we operate. I'm very confident that we're going to do this really well, I'm kind of always thinking that way."