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Real in the Field Gulls podcast: Douglas McNeil III interview

As the Seahawks prepare to face the Broncos on Friday, we talked to a guy trying to make the team at two positions. Brought to you this week once again by The Ballard Agency.

Real in the Field Gulls has now been going on for the last 27 weeks in a row. It's important to us to keep it going every week come heaven or low fire, so you know you can rely on it being the best and most consistent Seahawks podcast or radio show (We ain't afraid to compete with those guys) around. And we've had some great guests along the way, from former GM Phil Savage to Marshawn Lynch .... filmmaker Mario Bobino.

This week though we're proud to bring you a current member of the team who is having one of the most interesting transitions in training camp as he moves from wide receiver to cornerback, a position he's never played in his life. That player is Douglas McNeil III and he sat down and talked with us for about 25 minutes about what it's like to play for Pete Carroll and the Seahawks, what it was like to play in the Arena League in Portland, Oregon, and how he has managed to make it this far after stops at four different colleges before going undrafted in 2014.

He's now looking to become perhaps something even more unique in today's NFL: A two-way player.

Real in the Field Gulls is brought to you by The Ballard Agency, an insurance company in Kirkland with over 50 years of experience in the business. Please tell them that Field Gulls sent you! They're a family-owned company that wants to help insure your own family-owned company.

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Huge thanks to David Fagerholm for creating the extremely catchy and awesome Real in the Field Gulls intro song, which can be heard in the iTunes version of the show!