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Seahawks custom t-shirts: Crowdsourcing new design ideas

For those of you regulars that were around these parts back in January when the Seahawks won the NFC Championship Game to go to the Super Bowl, you may remember these dope-ass Michael Bennett bike-ride t-shirts by BreakingT that we featured here. They, of course, commemorated the epic and hilarious tour around the CLink that Bennett took on a cop's bike after the game ended, and we've got 9 of them left in existence, if anyone would like to buy them. Follow this link if so. I have the shirt. I get complimented on it all the time. Not kidding.

Of course, we're moving on to a new year now, and the folks at BreakingT and I thought it would be fun to get another t-shirt for the start of the season going. We are looking for ideas on the design, and figure there's no better way to do this than by crowd-sourcing it.

The themes we were thinking about revolve around the following ideas:

1. The additoin of Jimmy Graham. One idea was him as The Third and 10 Monster (story), or something similar for his new role with the Seahawks.

2. The Comeback Year. Putting February behind us and knowing that this year will bring better things.

3. Russell Wilson. "DANG3RUSS", or something Russell Wilson related

4. Insert your own - Write something in the comments and we'll see what we can do?

Any ideas for good shirts to start the 2015 season? Hit me up, please! You're the internet. You are more creative than anything.