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All aboard the Tyler Lockett hype train

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Before I even start this article, let me address all the haters real quickly: my love for Tyler Lockett is not rational. Common sense fans will tell me not to overreact to last night's impressive showing and preseason games in general. Screw that.

I'm all aboard the Tyler Lockett hype train, baby.

Now - I'll be a kind conductor and circle back for any passengers we may have missed. For those of you who missed last night's first preseason game, this is one of the glorious highlights we witnessesed from the prophet Tyler Lockett:


Tyler Lockett was impressive last night. Really impressive.

From the moment the Seahawks traded up and gave away four picks to acquire Tyler Lockett, we knew there was something special about this kid. I had known a little bit about Tyler coming out of college and into the NFL draft - as him and his families are big deals at Kansas State.

For those just now sitting up to pay attention, in Lockett's last year at Kansas State, he broke his dad's records in receptions, touchdowns, and yards. He finished 2014 as a consensus All-American after shattering numerous school records as a wide receiver and kick returner. Lockett ended his collegiate career with 6,586 all purpose yards and 35 touchdowns - 3,710 yards and 29 touchdowns of those playing as wide receiver.

Lockett has speed, the ability to cut quickly on a dime, plays bigger than he is, and potentially has the greatest route running abilities of any wide receiver in the 2015 draft class. His route running abilities is what he is notorious for.

Doug Farrar, from SI, said it perfectly last night: "Tyler Lockett is basically Percy Harvin with a personality and an understanding of more than two routes."

Lockett finished the game with several other impressive returns - taking one kick return for 46 yards and a punt return for 18 yards. This kid is no joke.

Before the game last night, I made a promise.

And I'm a man of my word. Customized Tyler Lockett jersey is on the way (no I will absolutely not wait for the ProShop to put his jersey in). Immediately following his 103 yard return, I sat down on my computer and bought it.

I'm all aboard the Tyler Lockett hype train, baby.