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Real in the Field Gulls podcast: Previewing the Seahawks-Chiefs game with Joel Thorman

Brought to you by The Ballard Agency.

The Seattle Seahawks are playing the Kansas City Chiefs on Friday in their second preseason tune-up. For those of you that remember, it was a preseason game against the Chiefs in 2012 in which Russell Wilson won the starting job over Matt Flynn and this famous photo was created. Who will establish themselves as a future star in KC this time?

Frank Clark? Ty Lockett? Garry Gilliam???

We talked to Joel Thorman, from SB Nation's ultra-popular Chiefs' blog Arrowhead Pride, about who to watch on Kansas City, what to expect on Friday, and if anyone still really gives a damn about the whole "decibel feud" between Seahawks and Chiefs fans.

Myself and Danny Kelly also discussed which players we'll be watching, the Chris Borland article that sort of broke a lot of ground today, and why my article about Hard Knocks was even more groundbreaking than that! Real in the Field Gulls is brought to you by The Ballard Agency. Tell them Field Gulls sent you!

Huge thanks to David Fagerholm for creating the extremely catchy and awesome Real in the Field Gulls intro song!