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Free agent lineman Evan Mathis to visit Seahawks Saturday, maybe

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks may be looking to free agency to bolster their offensive line. As Adam Schefter reports (and Pro Football Talk confirms), guard Evan Mathis is due to visit Seattle on Saturday, ostensibly unless someone else doesn't pay him first.

Mathis was due $5.5 million in 2014 but the Eagles released him in mid-June after some financial back and forth concerning his contract. The 33-year old guard told our friends at Bleeding Green Nation that he asked Kelly and the team for Pro Bowl/All-Pro bonuses that would allow me to reach $8 million on the year, which would have been slightly less than top-5 guard money, average per year. As Mathis said, "But I would have had to earn them (the bonuses)."

Seattle's pretty cap-strapped as it is, so it seems unlikely that they could sign Mathis with the current structure of the roster. They'd likely have to change someone's contract or free money up by cutting someone. They could obviously do this if they feel it is worth getting an experienced veteran on the line, but we'll have to see. Mathis is likely just trying to use this to drum up some interest, and won't likely sign for less than he thinks he's worth. That could be upwards of $5M to $8M a year, including incentives.