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3 things to watch for in tonight's Seahawks-Chiefs preseason action

The day is finally here.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports
Justin Britt, Gary Gilliam, and the OL

This is an obvious one – but tonight there will be a little bit of a twist. This past week in training camp – Tom Cable (the Seahawks OL coach) and Pete decided to move Britt to left guard after playing all of last season at right tackle. Britt was blown up several times during the Seahawks first preseason game, with the first leading to a forced Russell Wilson fumble.

They’ve moved Gilliam up to the first team, and are replacing Britt with Gilliam at right tackle, for now. Alvin Bailey, after struggling at left guard during the Seahawks first preseason game, seems to have been downgraded to running with the 2nd string OL (right now at LT).

One could say that it appears the Seahawks might be swallowing their pride a little bit. Regardless, many had been clamoring for Britt to be moved to left guard a while ago – and tonight...they’ll finally get their wish. The line has to improve. Tonight will be another opportunity for them to do just that.

Dion Bailey

Dion Bailey will be starting at strong safety for the Seahawks in Kansas City, and this is one of the less talked about guys – since many fans assume he’ll be out of sight and out of mind once Kam Chancellor comes back. As you know - Kam has his feet deeply set in a holdout and it doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon. Meantime, Bailey has been making plays in practice and had a solid first preseason game against the Broncos. Pete Carroll has been raving about him post-practices:

"He was always a terrific playmaker and he always did stuff, and he just continues to show that he's got great instincts. He had a good day today; he's had a lot of good days out here. He missed a few days early on, but since he came back, he's really jumped at it. He does work with the ones and will continue to get work with the ones. You can't deny the production he's turning out, so it's real exciting."

Watch this guy closely. Very closely. If Kam misses games, Dion is potentially the guy to step up at the position. And if Bailey balls out – who knows? Crazier things have happened. Next man up.

Christine Michael

Another carry by Michael, another fumble. *Yawn*

At this point, Michael is fighting for a roster spot. The coaches are seemingly high on UDFA Thomas Rawls, who had a solid outing in last week’s preseason game. On the other hand, Michael fumbled in last week’s preseason game. He’s got all the talent in the world and is an athletic freak – but he just can’t seem to get it together. And obviously, as you know – turnovers are one of Pete’s biggest pet peeves. Turnovers will limit his playing time and potentially cost Michael a roster spot. We’ll see if he makes the team. Tonight is big for him.