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Evan Mathis is "bored af," takes to Reddit to drop hints, confirm bribes

Mathis will decide on a new team by the end of the week. In the meantime, he's surfing the internet.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Mathis spent Saturday in Seattle visiting with the Seahawks, but left town without a deal. He then took to Reddit - with his verified account - to chat up some fans speculating about his next move.

Among other things, he hinted that he'd take a discount to play with a contender so he could go out "with a bang"...


... while confirming receipt of a few bribe attempts by Seahawks fans.



Mathis also wrote that Kansas City was never interested in him, despite reports, and that the numbers floating around are not correct. He said that a "$3.5M per year plus incentives" guess was more accurate. This, obviously, is intriguing for Seahawk fans.

On one hand, Mathis could be dropping real hints as to his next destination, which could be Seattle, potentially.

On the other hand, he might just be bored. Bored AF.


Drew Rosenhaus, Mathis' agent, said Monday morning that "have a decision on a team by the end of this week."

In the meantime, go to Reddit and have a chat.