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Press conference notes: Doug Baldwin, Kevin Pierre-Louis

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

A few notes from the two press conferences after practice. (Originally published at Reddit).

Doug Baldwin:

  • Approach to playing more in a preseason game doesn't change. Doesn't matter how many reps, prep for the game just like they did the previous two preseason games. It's mental.

  • Converting from QB to WR in one season is extremely difficult (referring to B.J. Daniels). Mentally it helps to have the QB experience, but physically it's totally different. He's taking it to heart, excelling at it, doing really really well. Extremely impressive throughout camp. You could tell B.J. was a very gifted athlete no matter the position he played at. Thought he might be playing RB given how shifty he is. He's "getting in" in terms of comfortability running routes and everything involved (mentally and physically). Needs more reps.

  • Talks to Kam everyday, knows exactly what he is doing. Supports Kam "as a person, knows what he stands for" in a difficult time, for him and the Organization. So many guys here who want to get paid, price of success.

  • Asked: Could he imagine Kam Chancellor holding out into regular season. "Could I imagine it? I don't want to"

  • Bailey and Martin are doing excellent, improving every day (especially Dion Bailey). Biggest thing is that they are flashing everywhere, not just at Safety but on ST. Making the best of their opportunity.

  • Mebane means more to than he can explain in the few seconds he has at the podium. His presence in the know he is there. Dominant on Defense, anchor of the D, vitally important on and off the field. Talks to every position. Does the subtle and quiet things.

  • Thinks price of success is misunderstood. All of us are trying to work through this together. This is the first for anyone in the organization to go to back-to-back SB's with potential to go to a third. Success is new to everyone.

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Kevin Pierre-Louis:

  • It was very important to get game reps. To get to tackle and work on your technique. Happy to get the jitters out of the way. Also a great learning opportunity, happy to continue and make sure he doesn't make anymore time.

  • Making the play on ST early in the game was big. Always want to get the first hit out of the way. Pretty nervous and jittery before a game, but after the whistle is blown you calm down and get into it.

  • It was huge to have a miss happen in one play but then make a play during the next, it was a learning opportunity. Taught him to be more patient and read the QB's eyes. Those game reps, gotta love them.

  • Getting starter reps with Irvin out (concussion) has been great, have to make sure we don't lose anything when I come in. Confidence builder. Gotta be ready for next man up.

  • Talk to K.J. day in and day out. Sit next to him in meetings. Watch him when he is in, if I see him do I don't recognize I ask him about it and why he did it. K.J. is just consistent, is just going to do the right thing play after play after play. Moves better than people think, is faster than people think. Been great to have him as a leader. K.J. is long and good with his feet and that is why he is so good in coverage. Coach Norton used to call KJ the "screen master". Great play. It was great seeing how fast he attacked that play.

  • Situations where I can come in on D; "I'm not sure". Gotta be ready if i get called in nickel package or in base, not counting reps, just want to help the team.

  • My game-plan going into the Chargers game is to be more physical. Wasn't as physical as I'd like to be in the last game. Make sure I really bring it. Showing even though I might be a smaller LB I can bring the hits.

  • My cat is doing great ("Cash").

  • Redsox all the way.

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