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Sherman Smith: Robert Turbin still the #2, Christine Michael not yet dependable enough

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks running backs coach Sherman Smith was on with Danny, Dave, and Moore Wednesday afternoon, and had some illuminating things to say about the depth chart at the running back position.

From Smith:

-- "Marshawn is special. I've coached Eddie George, and I say that Eddie is the best player I've ever coached, but Marshawn is the most talented player I've ever coached. This guy can play anywhere. He could play linebacker, wide receiver. He's really good, he's special. To have him really helps our run game."

-- Turbin: "Turbo, you know he had the hip surgery during the offseason, and I don't think it's a figment of our imagination that he's quicker than he was, showing more explosion, he's feeling a little better. I think we can see it out there. Turbo's greatest ability, to me, and sometimes he's offended when I say this, is his dependability. He's going to go out there and do things right. He's going to do the right thing. I say this to our guys, it's not our job to win it, just don't lose it. If you go out there and do your thing, it gives us a chance. And Turbo does that. So, I'm still excited about Turbo, his dependability and the way he's playing physically, he's fine."

-- "C-Mike (Christine Michael) is a guy that has so much talent, but the consistency needs to get there. Can't have a good play then a bad play. So, I wouldn't be surprised if he went out there and broke one for 90 yards, but then I'm not surprised if he puts one on the ground. So, we're just telling him, he has to become more consistent. Talent-wise, the guy has all of it, but we just want more consistency from him."

-- "The young guy, Thomas Rawls, coming in from Central Michigan, he's a pounder. He's a guy that runs north and south. I love the guy. It's important to him, he's learning it. I think his upside is really tremendous. Plus our young fullback, Brandon Cottom, plus our older guys in Derrick and Will, and Rod Smith. It's just a really good group.

-- On Turbo: "I told him, one of his biggest problems is that he thinks too much as a runner. As a runner, you just need to read and react. Believe what you see. Don't analyze. He's overanalyzing. He's going, 'Okay, they were supposed to do a triple block on the backside..' and you're thinking too much. Just make a cut and go. That's what he needs to do. He makes it more complicated than what it is, and so sometimes he's too hesitant in making cuts."

-- On if Turbin is for sure the solid number-two in your mind? "Yes. Until they give us someone more dependable, yeah, I think we can win with Turbo. We've won with him. We love him."

-- Is C-Mike frustrating? "It's frustrating because he's such a good player. He has such talent. We want him to 'get it.' 'Here's what it takes for you to play in this league.' You should say to yourself: 'I'm a second-round draft pick, I haven't played in two years, what do I need to do?' So we tell him, you need to become more consistent. I told him, talent-wise, your talent scale is higher than Turbo's. But, dependability-wise, professional-wise, you need to learn something from him. So the frustrating part is not seeing him be what he can be as a player. So, I just want to see that happen for him. We try to coach him the right way. Be positive with him. We tell him, 'It's not about you proving us wrong, prove us right. You were a second-round draft pick. Prove us right, why we drafted you.' So that's why we keep encouraging him."