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Presser notes: Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Here are a few short-hand notes about Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson's press conferences from Thursday. Originally published on Reddit.

Russell Wilson:

  • Recovery Water: met the guys last year, starting drinking the water a month before the playoffs. Drinking it 5-7 times a day, was told it was great for recovery. Have cases of it, Kam drinks it. Been a good thing.

  • Didn't have a concussion in the NFCCG. Was saying I was drinking it 5-7 times a day for a month and felt it was helping me out, that it helped prevent one. Russell Okung drinks it. Didn't have a head injury, thinks it helped prevent. Thinks the brain is made up of 75-85% water so hydrating it is good.

  • Haven't seen the Suggs hit, key is being smart, prepared to play a rough game.

  • Excited to go play in San Diego, it is like a second home because I train there in the off-season

  • Wishes he had the throw to Doug back because the second preseason game drive was going really well.

  • This week of practice feels like playoffs practice. Attention to detail on and off the field across the board. Keep elevating.

  • Tremendous progress with the O-line. Britt is very quick and physical at LG. Center's (Nowak) communication has been great. Gilliam has really stepped up, really athletic player.

  • One day at a time, never worried about over exposure. Gotta have priorities straight. Gotta make the main thing the main thing. His faith, family and football. Always been better busy, keeps you zoned in and organized.

  • Go 49ers! (Just kidding, he said "Go Hawks" of course).

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Pete Carroll:

  • Looking to continue to make progress with starters. Focus on O-line, see how they do. Will play more plays, looking forward to seeing 3rd quarter work from the starters.

  • Russell Wilson has had a great camp, as he should he is the furthest in understanding what we are doing. His conceptual understanding is at an all time high. Still room to grow but really on it. Communication is great, timing is really starting to pick up and look very consistent with our guys, our receivers. All of this helps everything move more smoothly, helps us being more confident and play fast, the tempo being very important.

  • In regards to all the injuries in the NFL in this seasons preseason games; We manage our guys the way we do, players need to play, they need to get ready, you can't hide from it, the start of the season is around the corner. Need to be fit and mentally right to play four quarters of football two weeks from now. (So there will be no holding anyone out in fear of injury).

  • Best week in practice, every day back to back with really good speed and focus. Heightened week of practice, can feel it, it's getting closer.

  • Both Britt and Gilliam feel comfortable. Particularly Gilliam is excited to start as a UDFA guy. Work habits have been great, applying himself, giving himself a chance to take this job. Britt is a pro, attitude he brings every day, attention to detail and everything is great. Looks like he has been there a long time (at LG). Really happy and excited with the transition we made on O-line, at this point, still more games to be played and tape to evaluate.

  • Earl got a lot of work this week, getting ready to be in shape for the opener. Intensity is starting to show up. Timing is getting down, his calls.

  • Cary Williams has had a really good preseason with us to this point.

  • Sherman, Blackmon and Simon will be back this week (aka play in preseason game 3).

  • Really liked Mohammad Seisay. Looked the part, physically, ran well, made some plays early on. Shame he got hurt and couldn't show his talents. Don't know if he will play this week or not, but next week will be a big push for him.

  • (With not having Kam out there) We aren't changing anything, but over time we adapt to our players and what they are good at, not changing anything (scheme wise), we'll see though, Dion Bailey is a unique football player, there are some things maybe we position him in to fit his talents but that is nothing new for us, that is just how we do it.

  • Bruce Irvin is back out, he will play.

  • Really excited about Tyler Lockett and the return game. Has worked really hard. His addition doesn't stop there, gonna play from scrimmage too. Giving us great confidence he can run the routes and catch the footballs. Great addition for us.

  • Tharold Simon is competing to play, hasn't had much of a chance yet (injured). We know him, is a dominant physical guy out there. He adds to our makeup. If he can get ready to play football and does good the next couple of weeks then that makes us stronger in the season and allows us some flexibility for match-ups and things like that.

  • O-line continuity is important, only going to get so aged at this time though (only 2 weeks of experience together as a group).

  • Kam Chancellor; everything is as it's been. Opener is coming up so need to prepare the players we got.

  • DeShawn Shead, Dion Bailey battling in game 3 to start at SS filling in for Kam Chancellor. Ronald Martin (SS) will play a lot in preseason game 3.

  • We'll see if Beastmode will play. Don't know if he will.

  • Ryan Murphy has a chance to play, really important for him having been injured. Looks like a good football player.

  • Penalties in the first two preseason games are not what we like to see. Not what we want to happen. Looking to correct this in the coming weeks.

  • Have thought about how coaches are going for 2 more in the preseason since the the extra-point was moved back, thinks the trend will continue through the preseason. As for the regular season, look towards the guys who voted for that will most likely try it more than normal.

  • Russ and Pete talk a lot, stay in connection with everything he is going through. Handles the tremendous responsibility great. Doesn't let things get too big for him. Always gonna be there for us. Never want him to get too far away from what happens here and football but he never does, but I'm here in-case he does.

  • T-Jack; expected/hope he will be back next week to play in game 4 and be good to go for the opener.

  • Chris Matthews played today for the first time, should be able to play next week.

  • Jesse Williams is back, ready to play. Anxious to see him play. We really like the big steady dude to help us, in combination with our rotation. He'll get a good chance this week.

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My Thoughts:

  • Seems the message being sent by Pete is they are ready for this to go all the way with Kam, and are focusing now on who gets that job assuming Kam doesn't show up week 1. Going to be watching Dion Bailey with the eye of a hawk this week.

  • Interesting comment by Pete about Simon. Simon healthy allows them to utilize him when the match-up (WR) is in his favor not the starting CB (nickel? Williams at RCB?).

  • I continue to think Tyler Lockett is going to be huge on Offense at WR. Obviously he will be huge on ST, but as a WR I expect first round stats and performance from him (like OBJr) but relative to our passing attack (aka less targets so less production). So pumped for him to play in the regular season.