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Seahawks vs. Chargers: 3 things to watch in Seattle's Week 3 "Dress Rehearsal"

We're back at it!

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Welcome to the second installment of my "3 things to watch for" series for the 2015 season. Each week I’ll be giving you three players or things to watch for -- not the only three things you should watch for -- but simply what has been sticking out to me the most or seems to be most important for the Seahawks. Last week, we focused on Justin Britt/Garry Gilliam, Dion Bailey, and Christine Michael. This week? Let’s dive into tomorrow’s matchup against the Chargers in San Diego.

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Kevin Pierre-Louis

One of the more under the radar players – KPL has had an extremely productive and impressive training camp. KPL’s quickness, speed, and pure athletic ability had stood out to coaches and he seems to be having an impact wherever he plays...whether in special teams or at outside linebacker.

In fact, he’s been playing so well that Pete recently said he’ll probably be pushing for playing time with the 1s in regular season games. This kid is good. Real good. If he has another solid game on special teams and playing OLB - you’ll probably see him join the starting rotation at outside linebacker come the regular season.

Dion Bailey (with the repeat appearance!)

Look – I know he was in here last week. But Kam still hasn’t shown up to work.... and the Seahawks aren’t going to be held hostage by him. Dion has a great opportunity to step up in Kam’s place and earn the starting job at strong safety (assuming Kam doesn’t show up for Week 1). Dion has had a solid camp and an impressive showing in his first two preseason games. This game will be a great indicator to the type of player we got in Dion and allow for realistic predictions to what we will see from him come the regular season.

BJ Daniels

This dude can do it all: KR, PR, WR, and QB. His versatility may just win him the job. BJ has had an impressive camp and a decent first couple games. If we see another solid outing from him, you can probably expect him to fill that last WR roster spot that has been surrounded by so much competition.

Side note: the Seahawks offensive line will probably be a bumpy ride for the foreseeable future. I’m going to refrain from repeating them in every article unless I feel like they really need to be addressed.