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Real in the Field Gulls: Podcast announcements with Rob Staton and Jacson Bevens

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Today's episode of Real in the Field Gulls is a "very special episode." Danny and I have been planning to expand our podcast ventures and decided that in addition to doing a weekly show together, we should each do another one with someone else. A little "podcast swinging" if you will.

In order to promote these new shows, we brought on the people who will be doing them with us.

Rob Staton of Seahawks Draft Blog has been on our podcast or Google Hangouts many times before. We also have live NFL draft commentary that has done very well over the last three years. So Rob and I decided to do a college football/draft specific podcast called "3000 NFL Mock Draft." It's basically a weekly show that will come out on Tuesdays and I'll ask Rob questions about the week that was in college football and how it will effect the 2016 NFL Draft, in addition to what players the Seahawks might be looking at.

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Meanwhile, Jacson Bevens, known Field Gulls writer and cigar lover, is going to do a weekly picks podcast with Danny called "Deep Balls." You can expect that late Wednesday or early Thursday every week before the first game. Jacson's pick articles from the past here on Field Gulls did extremely well but now he's just doing it in audio format. Jacson came on the show today and all three of us made our predictions for each division, as well as our Super Bowl picks.

Strap in because this is a longer podcast today, but I think it's well worth it. Then stay tuned on Tuesday for the first episode of 3000 NFL Mock Draft. Deep Balls should be coming out the following week.

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Thanks again to David Fagerholm for creating our kickass theme song.