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Seahawks vs. Chargers Final Score: Observations from Seattle's 16-15 victory over the Chargers

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The Seahawks were finished with losing tight games this preseason, so they decided to win one instead. Steven Hauschka nailed a 60 yard field goal to put Seattle ahead of the San Diego Chargers 16-15 with 21 seconds left, securing them their first preseason win of the year.

On to my quick observations.

Marshawn Lynch... looked like Marshawn. He got his first action of the preseason on the opening drive of the game, running the ball twice for six yards, and he added one catch. It was great seeing Marshawn back on the field even if it was only for a single drive.

Russell Wilson... played into the first possession of the third quarter. He showed some glimpses of the frustrating Russell Wilson that we so often forget exists. He finished 7-15 for 56 yards with 4 rushing attempts for 23 yards. Russell missed a few open throws (one to Kearse in the endzone comes to mind) and struggled connecting with Jimmy Graham a couple of times. Overall a very forgettable game for him.

Jimmy Graham... is big. He led the starters with two receptions for 24 yards. I believe he was thrown at five times, but it's obvious that he and Russell aren't quite on the same page yet. More than once he looked frustrated with the placement of the balls thrown at him .

When the starters were in... the Seahawks played a typical Seahawks game. No turnovers, not many yards, were losing the Time Of Possession battle, yet still had the lead. The starters managed two field goals and four punts in their six possessions.

The Rookies... are fun to watch. I am so excited to watch Tyler Lockett return kicks and punts all season. That return touchdown showed a certain technical understanding of how to return punts that I'm not sure we've ever had before. Golden Tate's returns were always an adventure, but I never really thought that he had a plan when returning punts. Tyler Lockett has a plan. Frank Clark caused trouble throughout the first half for the Chargers. He's going to get a lot of snaps when the games matter. Kasen Williams broke two tackles after a catch on 4th down to get the Seahawks into field goal range to win the game.

Cassius Marsh... was great today. He forced a fumble on a kickoff and was everywhere on defense. Marsh can be a difference maker in this defense, and not just as rotational depth.

Jon Ryan... had a great day punting today multiple punts going over 60 yards. I know he is beloved by the Seahawks fans, but he really was on point today.

Steven Hauschka... drained a 60 yard field goal with 21 seconds left after narrowly missing a 58 yard attempt 3 minutes earlier. I know the outcome doesn't matter, but that is definitely a confidence-boosting kick.

Don't freak out about... the offense. It's frustrating watching the offense be so inept, but we have yet to experience it with Marshawn. I don't believe what we've seen in the preseason is what we'll see in St Louis in week 1.

Maybe start freaking out about... Christine Michael making this team. Michael had one nice run, however it was disappointing to see him make little effort to turn it into a touchdown. Michael is definitely 3rd on the depth chart, and luckily for him Rawls didn't show enough to overtake him... yet.

Injuries... are not part of the Seahawks story of this game. K.J. Wright was the only Seahawk that I saw suffer an injury, it looked like a minor shoulder injury that hopefully won't keep him out. Philip Rivers had a minor hand injury.

Favorite internet things from the game

(h/t to Jose Rivera)

KJ Wright's tackle on 3rd and 1 midway through the first quarter:

Tyler Lockett's 2nd Quarter touchdown punt return:

Kevin Smith's 54-yard kickoff return:


What's next... The Seahawks host the Oakland Raiders on Thursday at Century Link Field and have to trim their roster to 53 people by September 5th at 1pm .