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3000 NFL Mock Draft: Episode 1!

As announced on Real in the Field Gulls last week, Danny and I are each dropping new pod(in this case vod)casts! We will eventually have 3000 NFL Mock Draft available for download on iTunes, but we need to figure out some technical stuff first. Like how to make a new podcast.

With 3000 NFL Mock Draft, Rob Staton (Seahawks Draft Blog) and I talk about college football and how it relates to next year's NFL Draft. So we are specifically looking at players and their draft stock, basically. As Seahawks fans, we will also be leaning towards who fits on Seattle as well as just talking about the Seahawks sometimes.

In this first episode, we preview some of the big names for next year's draft, the upcoming week of college football that starts in only three days(!), and even talk a little bit about some NFL news like who is going to step up in Green Bay. Also at one point Rob has to leave to get his charger for his laptop and I talk to myself like a crazy person for a minute, so look for that.

We are also open to having people submit theme music, a podcast image, or whatnot, and general suggestions of what you'd want to hear in the coming weeks.