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Pete Carroll, John Schneider comment on Kam Chancellor holdout

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Kam Chancellor holdout continues, and there's no real end in sight to the standoff.

With Chancellor's holdout entering day six, former agent Joel Corry points out that Seattle is now allowed to recoup 15-percent of his 2015 $1M signing bonus proration, which is tacked on to the $30,000 per day fines at the team's discretion So, assuming the team doesn't forgive the fines, Chancellor is looking at $330,000 to this point ($180,000 in per day fines, plus the $150,000 signing bonus proration fine). The team will not likely go after that money, but the threat of that is a cause for concern to Chancellor's camp.

Chancellor hasn't spoken publicly about it, but has tweeted several comments thanking his teammates for their support.

Seahawks GM John Schneider spoke to Rich Gannon and Bruce Murray of Sirius XM NFL Radio on Wednesday, and gave a quick update on the state of things.

"We all love Kam," said Schneider, "he's a phenomenal football player, obviously a key core player in what we're doing here defensively. I mean, the guy's a monster over the middle, and one of our strongest leaders that we have. We all miss him. It's a bummer for everybody involved in the situation."


"We've had a plan in place here for several years," said Schneider, "Kam was one of the first players that we drafted that we were able to reward with one year left on his contact."

In other words, that plan does not include re-working contracts two years into a five-year agreement.

"It's personal because you love a guy so much and you have so much emotional and personal feelings for the player," said Schneider. "At the end of the day, you have to stick to your plan and your principle. That's what has to guide you rather than, you know, 'we just love this guy.'"

"It's about the team. It's the ultimate team sport," Schneider continued. "In order for us to be a consistent championship-caliber team that we've been preaching ever since we got here, we have to continue to conduct business the way we always have."

All this points to the Seahawks refusing to do much of anything with Kam's deal. However, said Schneider, things aren't getting messy yet to this point.

"If you know Kam Chancellor, there's not animosity here," Schneider said. "I've worked with his agent for a number of years. We've had good communication."

So, when will he report?

"I don't know at this point. I can't tell you. I don't have an answer to it."

For his part, Pete Carroll, who was effusive in praise of Chancellor on Friday, has slightly altered his tune six days in.

As Bob Condotta writes, "If you are in to trying to read tone, then it's tempting to conclude that the Seahawks' tone on Kam Chancellor's hold out changed a bit Wednesday."

Carroll, when asked if the situation is closer to being resolved, replied, "There's been no exchange to tell that. I'd love to talk to him. Haven't talked to him in a couple of days."

So, is it a concern? "It's an issue of concern, yeah. It's an issue of concern and particularly for Kam. Here, we have to keep moving, you know? And he knows that's what we are called to do and so we are going to do that. It's a very difficult time for him, I think."

For now, we wait.