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Tyler Lockett's mentality: "Regardless of who I'm going against, I'll win every time"

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett spoke to reporters on Wednesday afternoon, and here's what he had to say.

Link: Tyler Lockett Training Camp Day 5 Press Conference

WR Tyler Lockett
August 5, 2015

(On his first camp) "I think I've been doing pretty good, I've gotten to see where I'm at and how far I've come, especially as a receiver game, just being able to go against the defense each and every day. The defense has done a tremendous job getting me better, and I've been trying to get them better, as well as just being able to get used to the offense, learning plays and really getting to work with Doug [Baldwin] and Jermaine [Kearse], as well as Chris [Matthews] and other players, I think it's really been helping me in my game, transitioning to a wide receiver."

(On his upbringing and transition to WR) "I think it's helped me, just because my dad taught me the mental part of the game, just being able to understand coverages, be able to understand how to get open, it's all about getting open at the end of the day, regardless of what routes you have, a lot of times it's one on one, it's easy to be able to find the zone and sit in it, but where a lot of people win at is at the top of their routes or beating them at the line, so those are the things that I try to emphasize, so being able to come out here against some of the great cornerbacks who know how to press and play different techniques helps me as well as other receivers be able to find different ways to get off the line."

(On transition from college to competing for a slot) "For me, I don't worry about fighting for a spot, I just continue to do what I did at Kansas State, which is play my game, the fastest way I can be comfortable, the better I'm going to play, so I try to find that comfort zone, that comfortability to where I can be able to go out there and do what I can do and not try to focus on the things that I can't control, so for me when I go out there, I play for guys so that's all I'm focused on out there which takes away the pressure and expectations that everybody has for me, and I'm able to just go out there in confidence and peace and just play my game."

(On similarity to Kansas State) "Yeah, I mean the kick returns are similar, they said whatever I want to do, they're going to try to put it in, but at the same time, it's whatever the coach said. I'm comfortable doing right, left, or middle, whichever one they want, and first of all it's all about winning the spot, there's a lot of great players out there, you've got Doug Baldwin, Will Blackmon, B.J. Daniels who are still trying to fight for those spots, so it's not like it's already given so I have to go out there and earn it."

(On what he might be good at) "For me there's no limitations on what I can't do. I just go out there and play my game, and they're the ones that set the limitations on me. I'm not giving anybody and limitations to set on me."

(On tips from the veterans) "Just being able to stay in control, being able to know your route. You can't run every route the same, just because they're good too. Just like in college, they're on scholarship too, so they understand if you run the same route, if you get off the line at the same time, they're going to start planning on that stuff, you have to learn how to switch around that stuff, how to add some stuff in between but also stay on the same timing as the QB, a lot of the things that he's been teaching me has been the mental stuff, being able to eliminate the distractions that come with this game and stuff like that. Being able to focus and just be all in."

(On transitioning) "Yeah, I mean the biggest thing is what a lot of the coaches have been telling me it's a lot easier than college, you catch the ball the same as anybody else, the punters make it easier to catch. In college they try to punt it left, punt it way farther, so you get all these crazy balls and it's kind of the same when you're in the NFL, they were telling me it's not any different so they don't want me to overdo it or anything like that, they just want me to be able to go in there, they told me I'm a great catcher, a great runner after catching the ball, so they have a lot of confidence in me, and now it's just me being able to continue to build that confidence in myself as well."

(On adjusting) "For me, I adapt wherever I go, so if I go against some of the greatest players in the world I'll be able to adapt to where I'll be able to play on their level, so for me, regardless of who I'm going against, I'll win every time. That's the mentality that I have, so even if I lose, I'm going to get back on the line and go again, it just goes for that mentality that everybody has around me, everybody has that mentality that wants to win. If you're going one-on-one with somebody, of course somebody is going to lose, and even when you lose, you've got to come back harder next time. So I know for me, regardless of who I go up against, I look at it like I'm not going to be stopped. If I get stopped, I get mad at myself, I go back to the drawing board and look and see what I can do next time, but I refuse to get shut down one time."

(On the type of QB at Kansas State) "I mean Jake [Waters] was a great quarterback, it was easy to get on the page with him when he came in, he was good at throwing the ball before we got out of the breaks so defenders couldn't get there, he was a great leader, good at being able to maintain control of the offense, when we needed him to run, he ran, when we needed him to make a play he was always there. I think the biggest thing is he understood the offense, he understood the game so he knew what he could get away with, what he couldn't get away with, he was the guy who watched film. I was his roommate, so we just watched film, talked about certain techniques that cornerbacks play, and certain routes that I like against the coverages that they play and we went out there and executed it. He was always the quarterback, whatever we needed he was the person to get the job done."