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Marshawn Lynch pokes fun at Super Bowl ending on The League

Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is featured in a new promo for the season 7 premiere The League, which airs Sept. 9, at 10 p.m. ET on FXX, and will include Lynch as the co-owner of Taco Corp (.. with Taco). The video above pokes fun (is that the word? that's probably not the right word here) at the ending of the Super Bowl, where the Seahawks decided to throw a pass instead of just hand it to Marshawn Lynch, who could've sleep-walked that thing to a win.

A little background on The League's decision to include Lynch in their show again, besides the obvious (that he is awesome):

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"We are Seahawks season ticket-holders and we had so much fun having Marshawn on last year that we had to do it again," The League executive producers Jackie and Jeff Schaffer told Entertainment Weekly. "If the Seahawks had won the Super Bowl, it was going to be a parody of the ‘I'm going to Disney World!' ads. As you may have heard, that did not happen. So after we cried ourselves to sleep for the next month, we knew what the scene had to be about...."

PS, you may remember that Jeff Schaffer is a longtime Field Gulls lurker and friend to the site ... and this is definitely not me doing a name drop (it definitely is), but Kenny, Jeff, and I were texting each other during the Super Bowl (which Jeff was at) so I can confirm he is a Seahawks fanatic that knows Field Gulls' inside jokes. No big deal.

Check out The League's season 7 premiere on September 9th on FXX.