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Tom Cable, Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson press conference notes

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Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, offensive line coach Tom Cable, and quarterback Russell Wilson spoke to reporters after Seattle's practice on Tuesday. Here are a few quick notes I jotted down from both pressers. Originally published at Reddit.

Tom Cable:

  • The O-line took from Week 2 to Week 3 with great improvement, a bunch of run space, protection, really good again. Gave up one cheap one (didn't need to give up that one, just really dropped hand) but really clean and good run space.

  • We think the starting five are the guys we have seen, need to get a feel for health and depth, but if we were playing tomorrow they'd play.

  • "Progress" with Drew Nowak is the right word, no set backs of any kind. It's been a constant move in the right direction. There are some things that still can get him because of experience. But in terms of physical, being in command, the tempo, we were much much better the other night than the first two weeks in terms of being on cadence and on time and all that. Really excited about where are going. I think this might be the best group he's had.

  • Gilliam at RT played the whole game (Chargers) by design because he has not done that. We wanted to make sure he has been in that situation where he has to keep going back out not only after half time adjustments but keep going back out. He got a little sloppy in the 4th quarter, things got easy for him so he took them for granted. Great lesson for him. Outstanding again.

  • Going up against Brandon Mebane helps Nowak by going against the best. You have a choice to make, either you give in to it or you keep battling and battling. Cable communicates with Mebane constantly to help give Nowak different/new things to work against and deal with. With runs it's pretty straight and narrow, but with pass protection there are a lot of different looks Mebane can give him for Nowak to learn from.

  • Difficult to cut Lemuel Jeanpierre but our job is to put the best team together, and Patrick Lewis has kept being consistent the whole way through, never really gave into it, and in the end it came down to consistency for the backup spot.

  • Feels the rolls have reversed from Marshawn wanting/needing a mentor like Mike Rob to Marshawn being the mentor. Talks to Cable about that, how he is the mentor to guys now.

  • Cable says Keavon Milton & Terry Poole have been "Up and Down". All 5-6 guys have this humongous opportunity, they have progressed well (Will Pericak, Mark Glowinski). Just go out and be normal, be consistent, huge evaluation night.

  • Garry Gilliam got his ankle rolled up on against Chargers but not considered a big deal. He says it's stiff but he's fine. Excellent conditioning wise, needed to feel what it was like, what it's like the next day.

  • When asked what he would say to those who say Nowak is over his head: "Just watch, you will see. I know that because we went through that with J.R., went through it years ago with Jeremy Newberry, Tarklin, they probably say that about Gary (Gilliam) too. These guys are really special and they are just getting starter. If anybody is really confident it is probably me more than anybody because I see them every day but i have seen what they have done the last two weeks and we haven't been like that in Weeks 2 and 3 of the preseason thus far so pretty excited."

  • Justin Britt needs to be more accustomed to the "bar fight" at Guard every snap versus being more in space outside at tackle. The bar fight mentality suits him well, he's got that kind of demeanor in him, just needs to get comfortable with his hand speed and the timing of that. But it simplifies it, it just becomes more angry and violent in there.

  • "Is Britt someone you can expect in Week 6 or 7 to be way ahead of where he is weeks 1 and 2?" Cable: "No I think he will be really good Week 1. Yeah he is a special player. He's good."

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Pete Carroll:

  • Wide Receivers Kevin Smith and Kasen Williams have had a terrific camp. Both have made it obvious that they are battling and that they are here. They are unique, different players. Can't imagine them on the same team at the same time, they are really good football players. Kasen had a big catch last week that setup last week, Kevin contributed too. Competing against themselves not each other.

  • Regarding O-line; This is what we hoped would happen, that they would come together and show us something. I think we've seen enough signs that the foundation for a really good group is there, it's just going to continue to take time as they grow together, there will be trials and tribulations as they come together, but they are equipped. Communicate really well with one another. Try to minimize the pains of their growth and maximize their athleticism.

  • Things are wide open in terms of who earns spots in the secondary for this last preseason game. Big game for Tharold Simon, big game for Mohammad Seisay. Will Blackmon will play a good deal. Significant play time for the CBs and Safeties. This is a good game for us against the Raiders who are doing things on offense, spreading things around. It will be a good look for us.

  • No need for Earl Thomas to play at all. Had his first full practice with no red shirt on today, ready to go. Looks really fast, moving well, ready to go, as ready as we can get him at this point.

  • Turbin has a high ankle sprain, significant, he feels good about it but it definitely showed up in the MRI. Hence the Fred Jackson visit, not a signing it's a visit. Need to see what he looks like at 34 years old. Has a important physical today, no decision made though. Getting ducks in a row. Don't know Turbin's return timetable yet, gotta wait a couple of days to find out.

  • Marshawn being friends with Jackson didn't really play into looking into him.

  • Obvious attraction to Fred Jackson when he got released then Turbin got hurt and things lined up.

  • Fred Jackson is an adapt pass catcher, an adapt pass protector, has always been a good runner. Great feel and sense. Very adapt pass receiver.

  • "They came after him so we made him available, we thought it was worth while" in regards to trading K. Norwood to the Panthers.

  • Drew Nowak looks terrific for how far he has come so soon. We are surprised. He is very physical, tough guy, really strong hands, seems to handle blocks in all situations very well. He is really smart. We have known him as a terrific competitive kid from last year, when he gave us problems all year on service team in the different positions we put him in. He has a background of excellence, of being a noted really good football player. We just happen to channel it here at center position. You really shouldn't be able to learn it that fast almost, it would be a surprise to most people. He is doing really well. Surprised us some, but fitting in exactly like we needed.

  • This is a very close team, letting guys go is very difficult. This program isn't cold and all business, we try to help them be the best guys they can be. In the process you get close. When they leave we want them to leave Seahawks. Try to give every bit of consideration so when it does come up short they can leave with a big investment from both ends.

  • C-Mike is very explosive in the preseason. Reported to camp in great shape, ready every day, had a very good camp. (game vs Chargers) Showed us a play where that cut doesn't happen much in football by RBs, got us to the RZ. He will also "take some chances to get out of trouble, sometimes it hurts him a bit". He has earned trust throughout the years, grown with us, trying to figure out how to utilize him at his very best.

  • Mike Morgan has hamstring pull, will miss this week.

  • Chris Matthews practiced today and should be able to play against Raiders.

  • Tarvaris Jackson remains on track to be ready for the opener. Throwing the ball but not letting him run yet.

  • Nothing new with Kam.

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Russell Wilson:

  • Offense is not far away. We've had some unbelievable practices while going against the best D in the NFL. Offense in practice is really clicking, but haven't transferred it to the game, especially in the RZ. Make that throw to Kearse in the EZ 99.9% of the time. Believe it will show up game day because of how we practice every day. Not concerned.

  • Kevin Smith and Kasen Williams have been phenomenal. Attack the football really well, love to learn, ask a lot of Q's, take a lot of notes. They have been fighting their butts off, fun to watch their talent level and how much they progress day to day.

  • Feels faster. Working on leg strength and speed all off season. Proud he has gotten faster. Knows he is getting older but he still wants to be mobile, agile, flexibility.

  • Drew Nowak has been phenomenal. Crazy work ethic. True passion for the game. Defensive player of the year in the MAC, loves football, talented football player. On scout team he would always chase me down on the nakeds (play action fakes, etc). He is a football player. He gets here early, one of the first you see in the morning, stays here late. Asks a lot of questions. Fully dived into the process of being a great center. Love what he is doing. Think he is going to be phenomenal player.

  • A great center is all about execution and communication. Athleticism that Drew brings to the table is off the charts. Physical, loves to hit people. Shows up on film.

  • Communication is not easy with the Center, have to work on, have to sit down and meet extra for it. Crucial to pass protection and great football.

  • Sky is the limit for Nowak. Keeps saying that to Tater when we watch film. Thinks he is going to be a great football player for a really long time at Center. 1) Very intelligent 2) has the work ethic. When you put those 2 things together + the physical ability there is no telling. He has improved exponentially from day one to now.

  • Been mixing guys on O-line since the Broncos has been a good thing. It helps you get a feel for the regular season when guys have to come fill in. You want to see the different mixtures of guys. Britt to LG is a good thing. Gilliam is very athletic, played TE at Penn State, moves really well at RT.

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My thoughts:

  • I'm really interested to see if this team can get things clicking on offense (finally) in game 4 against the Raiders. How does the O-line look? I feel like we got short changed last week because Bailey was in for Okung and Bailey was quite awful from what I saw & read. I really want to see all five starters on O-line go out there and Russ move the ball down the field.

  • I will be watching a few players very closely because I believe they have a shot at upsetting the starter situation, specifically Tharold Simon vs Cary Williams. Of course I have to watch Dion Bailey closely because who knows if Kam breaks and shows up week 1 or if he truly does hold out into the regular season. Luckily from my inexperienced eye (and from what I have read) Bailey has done a really good job. What's more he seems to be a big hit guy which we are used to at SS. Also have to watch Chris Matthews, hope he gets a lot of snaps and we can see him run some routes and catch the ball, see what he can do. Really hope he has developed nicely and isn't just a situational (simple deep ball route and RZ jump ball guy) WR but a well rounded one who can run the route tree effectively.

  • The situation with Turbin has me paying attention closely. If the FO really likes Fred Jackson (I do) does Turbin get cut? Or does something else happen? It's a tricky situation.