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Kam Chancellor, Seahawks only "$900,000 apart" per Chancellor

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NFL Network's Dan Hellie joined the Dave Softy Mahler show on Wednesday afternoon to update a story he did for NFL All Access on the Kam Chancellor-Seahawks holdout stalemate. Hellie, who had been texting back and forth with Chancellor, relayed some info from Kam's point of view -- namely that Chancellor wants money from 2017 moved into 2016.

For background, Hellie said, on NFL All Access:

He told me he feels like this whole thing could be over by now. Kam says he has been willing to meet the Seahawks half way. He says the two sides are less than a million dollars apart at this point. He actually used the term "petty".

So, in a nutshell, he told me that he's not asking for more money, he wants the money to be moved from the 2017 season to next season (2016) with no additional money this season. I said, "hey Kam, what about re-doing a contract that still has three years left?" He told me that he doesn't want to wait until he's almost 30.

He then joined Softy and Kevin Shockey to discuss this more.

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Per Hellie: "[Kam] wants almost $4M moved over (to 2016). He wants to be at $9M in 2016. This isn't all guaranteed money -- but he wanted that moved to 2016 because he wasn't comfortable with it in 2017, the last year of his contract, he wants it now. He's in his prime, and feels that he deserves to get paid. He also feels like he did the team a solid by signing his current deal as early as he did. He felt like he did that -- it was a team move -- it was to win a Super Bowl, and now he wants to get paid after the rest of these guys have signed their deals."

"I don't know the details of how much would be guaranteed, but he wants to be at $9M [in 2016]. It's $3.9M (right now). He wants to be at $9M. He basically said -- 'everyone knows how these deals work.' If a player doesn't perform, they let him go or ask him to take a pay cut, if he doesn't take a paycut, then they let him go. If he outperforms the deal, he feels like he should get paid. That's where he is right now."

Hellie continued.

"I think the biggest news to come out of this is that they are negotiating. And, that they are closer than anybody anticipated. They're $900,000 apart. And I'm not talking $900,000 a year, I'm talking $900,000 total. And to me, if you can't get that done to bring this guy in, then that really says something, that they're concerned about precedent. Obviously that's the big concern. I get it."


"He wants no new money this year. He wants to be at $9M in 2016. From my understanding from my conversation with him, they're $900,000 apart."

"He feels like he's met them half-way. 'I've met them halfway,' his words. 'I've gone halfway, and now it's time for them to come half way.'"

Listen in.