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Russell Wilson, Brandon Mebane, and Earl Thomas break down Week 1

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Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, defensive tackle Brandon Mebane, and safety Earl Thomas spoke to reporters after practice this afternoon. Here are a few quick notes from the pressers. Originally published at Reddit.

Russell Wilson:

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  • Always going to be a battle when you play a NFCW game. Rams are a tough team. Try to go into the game with the same mind-set, go 1-0.

  • Have to generate your own energy anytime you play an away game.

  • Drew Nowak is doing a phenomenal job. He has stepped up in a big, big way. Is here early, stays late. Really looking forward to him playing, not worried at all.

  • Their front-7 has a lot of 1st round draft picks, a lot of guys that know how to get after the QB. Gonna have to do our job, looking forward to it. When we go against our D everyday that prepares everybody. Our D-line is really good too and that is an understatement. It will be a battle.

  • Max Unger would call something right away and we would change it from there because he was so experienced, but having so many different centers and Drew being new means Russ will make the calls from the get-go. Drew knows what he is doing though, no doubt in my mind he will be playing at a high level.

  • Drew makes it easy on Russ, studies like crazy.

  • Jimmy Graham can do it all. Catch the ball in the red zone, in a 3rd down situation, stretch the field as well.

  • Feel very confident going into this year, locked in.

  • Fred Jackson is unbelievable. Think about a guy who has played RB for 10 years is not easy to do. Stepped out there day one and did everything, running routes, catching balls, knew the offense.

  • Has learned how to be very efficient with his time. How to watch film, how to prepare. Focus on the things he know will come up in the game.

  • Lot of times it may not look like Jimmy is open but he will find a way to make the catch. He shows up that is for sure. Gonna be tough for defenses to slow us down with the pieces we have on offense.

  • Gotta give the Rams pass rush credit, but looking forward to the opportunity. Drew is one of the best big men in terms of being athletic. Gary Gilliam is an unbelievable athlete. Has done a great job for us at RT.

  • Anytime a team blitzes a lot there is a lot of green grass behind it. Gotta understand the match-ups and anticipating what they are going to do so you can take advantage.

  • The challenge with a big game, a first game, a play-off game is ignore the noise. Understand how to prepare and play your best football. Being zoned in, doing our job and doing what we need to do.

  • Every year you look forward to the beginning of the season, that it is going to be a new journey. One game at a time, one day at a time, and next thing you know it's Week 1. Goal is to go 1-0.

Brandon Mebane:

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  • Remembers the play [last year in STL] when Malcolm Smith knocks a ball out of a RB's hand. Ball goes 10 yards down the field and thought we had recovered it but we didn't. Every time in St. Louis the atmosphere is hard to play in. It's 10 AM, the crowd is small, the lights are dim.

  • Gotta find a generator and turn the lights bright (joke). Gotta come out and play football like we are at home.

  • Difference is very noticeable between St. Louis and everywhere else. Lights are dim, not many people there. It's like you are in the Twilight Zone.

  • When you at home you at home, on the couch, know where the snacks are.

  • Think the D-line can be very very good. Got better with our rushes this off-season. Working on little things, feet work and hand work. Little things to take us to the next level. Still a few things to improve on but gonna be a very good D-line.

  • We see a lot of things that play to our strengths on the Rams O-line.

  • Was a very hard rehab, had to train by himself, usually is a group with the whole D-line. Daughter and wife helped motivated.

  • Feels a little stronger. Rehab was very different than regular work outs. Worked on small muscles, more explosive work. Probably a blessing the injury happened, training different now, better understanding on how to workout during the off season and during the season.

  • Rams have a good defensive line but we have a good one here too.

  • Frank Clark listens. Whenever we talk to him he tries to soak in the information. He is obviously is a rookie so he will do stuff vets don't do but we tell him every day mix it up. Find what technique works for you.

  • Obviously Dion and Kam are two different players. Didn't know Dion played LB in USC, played in the box. Know hes not scared to come up and hit. Gonna happen a lot this game, gonna be 1 on 1 with the RB. Excited about him, think he will do very well.

  • It's gonna be different without Kam. He has a great presence in the locker-room and on the field. Tough but keep fighting and hope he returns and everything works out for him.

Earl Thomas:

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  • Feels good to get the chance to play. Mindset is grateful and own my position and own my role.

  • Gotta keep the streak alive (active streak).

  • Not worried about hitting someone for the first time.

  • No limitations, go out there and let it lose.

  • It is very different and hard to play without Kam for the first time.

  • Doesn't think his role will change anything without Kam. Has put Earl into studying his playbook more. Kam was the brains and Earl played on instinct.

  • Dion Bailey has that aggressive nature that we like. Don't think we will miss a beat.

  • Very very tough not practicing during camp.

  • Lot of stuff goes on in the football field that will allow us to grow and talk (Cary and Dion). We will grow together.

  • Everyone on defense is over looked.

  • Been hitting bags, doing rehab, putting a lot of pressure on my shoulder.

  • Hate the harness but has to wear it. That's the way his cards are dealt right now.

  • Nothing really changes even with the QB change for the Rams. Understand what they want to bring to the table.

  • If you don't watch it the Rams can lull you to sleep. Gotta bring ST, the Rams bring out all the tricks to keep momentum on their side.

  • Communication factor is the biggest challenge of not having Kam.

My Thoughts

  • Usually I can find some nuggets of truth hidden in the PR speak and hype fed to them by the staff and stuff but today I couldn't. Russ praises everyone so hearing praise of Nowak and such doesn't make me feel like we are getting unfiltered opinion that means a lot. Mebane was funny and the comments about St. Louis were depressingly funny, but besides that I'd say the only little nugget I'd say we got was Mebane recognizing that Dion is a hitter. People worried about our SS not being able to make some big hits could be wrong. Will they be mega super-star hits like Kam's? Doubt it but Dion sounds and has looked in the preseason games like a guy that flies around and throws his body at guys.