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3 Things to watch for in the Seahawks matchup with the St. Louis Rams


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Field Gullers, we made it. The NFL regular season is here. Let’s waste no time.

Dion Bailey

It’s official. Kam Chancellor is missing the first game of the regular season. This comes as a shock to many (and even some within the Seahawks organization, it sounds like) – as many wondered if Kam would be willing to miss a game check of more than $267,000. Well, he hasn’t shown up...and Pete officially ruled him out this last week in a press conference.

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Who knows when Kam will show up? But for now – we’ve got football to play. Dion Bailey will be replacing Kam at strong safety. He’s been one of the stars of training camp and the preseason – making play after play to prove that he deserves a shot with the starting members of the Legion of Boom. He’ll start alongside of Cary Williams, Earl Thomas, and Richard Sherman. The coaching staff seems really excited about Dion.

I'll be watching to see how Dion plays in coverage, and if he delivers any big hits reminiscent of the Seahawks' normal enforcer in Chancellor. He’ll have to make some plays to solidify his presence on the Legion of Boom. He’s got some big shoes to fill. Bring the boom, Dion.

Cary Williams

The Hawks signed Cary in the offseason to a three-year deal – replacing departing corner Byron Maxwell (who joined the Eagles). Cary is a big question mark entering the season. Plagued by his sour reputation from Philly, Cary will have a lot to prove entering the season. Can he hold up?

Watch to see if Nick Foles attempts to pick on him (is it possible for Nick Foles to pick on a corner? Is that a thing??). Either way, Cary will surely be tested on opening day as the starter at corner opposite of Richard Sherman. He’ll have to take away the deep ball and limit the catches on him if he wants to keep his job. If he doesn’t play well, there’s a decent chance fans will be clamoring for his replacement.

The entire offensive line (you knew this was coming)

The offensive line has looked good at times during the preseason – but also, occasionally horrific. With the Justin Britt switch to left guard, with Garry Gilliam replacing him at tackle, Seahawks OL coach Tom Cable may have found the winning combination. But that may be a little optimistic.

Many would say the Rams have the best defensive line in football. The Seahawks offensive line will likely receive their greatest test week one of the season. Watch to see how the line holds up in pass protection and if they give any holes to Marshawn Lynch. Russell Wilson will need a little time to throw if he wants to begin establishing his connection with Jimmy Graham in the regular season.