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Seahawks vs. Rams: Pete Carroll press conference notes

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks HC Pete Carroll spoke to reporters on Friday to break down Sunday's game. Here's a quick synopsis of what he had to say. Originally published at Reddit.

Pete Carroll

  • Week went great. Culmination of a long time getting to this point. Lot of respect for these guys (Rams), gotta be on our game.

  • Tavaris Jackson practiced really well, he is ready to go.

  • We haven't seen anything with Tyler Lockett where we need to restrict him and not put him outside, he can go all around. He is still developing and we are still learning about him but there is no restriction.

  • Mike Morgan is running well but not quite gonna make it this week.

  • Kelcie McCray is gonna play (we'll see if just ST or safety too).

  • Cooper Helfet is ready to go.

  • Tharold Simon has looked really good in the competition, Pete really thinks we can put him in any situation and he will fit with us. (Wouldn't answer if we will see him play against the Rams). "He is going to be available to us.''

  • Rams do a lot of stuff, have a big big notebook of deceptive plays in all phases of the game but especially ST. Have to be a risk taker to do that. Our guys are on alert, this helps us for the whole season because no one does this as much as they do. Hopefully it makes us better going through the whole season.

  • Our ST in the preseason tells us that we have improved. Not just returning. Hoping that it is obvious we are better in all phases of the ST.

  • Fred Jackson, everything about him, him being a great person, strong competitor, really well versed, catches the ball well and blocks really well, somehow he has learned the entire offense. Bringing his experience in for situational play is where he will fit for us now. We don't know enough to know how developed his role will be.

  • Earl Thomas was very quiet through the process of rehabbing. As soon as he got on the field he showed up with his speed and his savyness. He may be a little rusty and it make take some time or he may not and I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't.

  • Pete thought Marshawn wearing Kam's jersey was a statement that we all understand, we all wish Kam was here. It was a statement that we all agree with, but it's not something you need to do more than once.

  • We haven't even talked to Nick Moody here yet, gonna be a few days till something happens if it does. Reports we signed him are premature.

  • Chris Matthews is ready to go.

  • Nothing new with Kam.

Seahawks and Rams Injury Report

My Thoughts:

  • Could I get more hyped for Lockett? I really don't think so. Love how it went from us (the fans) driving his hype train while the Seahawks raved about his ST potential, too now it's the Seahawks who are co-driving the hype train along with us cause they have watched him at WR for all of camp and in the preseason and are wowed like we are.

  • Really all I have left to say is I am very curious to watch and see what is going to happen with Tharold Simon. Will our RCB be a mixture all year of Tharold and Cary depending on the match-up? Or will Tharold get some shots in games (unless Cary looks damn solid) and if Tharold looks better then Cary he will earn the starting job? It really sucks that Simon got hurt so bad and was out all of camp because I wonder if this year the Hawks actually like him quite a bit and feel like he could be our starter every week but because he was rehabbing his injury they had to pay Cary Williams $7mil to come in and be our RCB. ($7M is what he makes this year plus what we'd have to pay him next year when we most likely cut him).