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Seahawks lose to Rams: Instant reaction podcast from Real in the Field Gulls

Well that wasn't supposed that way ... or was it?

The Seahawks lost to the Rams 34-31 in St. Louis on Sunday, going to overtime after St. Louis tight end Lance Kendricks caught a shocking game-tying touchdown in the final minute. The questions will surround Kam Chancellor's holdout and whether or not his absence -- or the presence of Dion Bailey, who unfortunately fell down on that play by Kendricks -- was the difference. But in reality, winning in the NFL is not that simple.

That's one of the things that Danny and me discuss on today's episode of Real in the Field Gulls, an instant reaction bonus episode to talk through our pain and begin the healing process. Was Russell Wilson as bad as he looked? Can Tyler Lockett play right tackle? Should we just give the Rams the Super Bowl trophy now?

The answer to all of those questions is yes.

Go Hawks?