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Seahawks lose to Rams: Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson break down the loss

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Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and quarterback Russell Wilson spoke to reporters following Seattle's 34-31 loss to the Rams. Here's a quick recap of what they said. Originally published on Reddit.

Coach Carroll:

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  • Hard to get started here in typical fashion. Then the game began after the half.

  • We had our shots, all three phases and coaches need to do better, we need to play better. Need to be sharper. Had our moments but not enough.

  • Need to watch film, find out what happened, didn't play sharp enough to get the win. Usually when we get 3 turn overs and they get 1 we win. Tough day for us.

  • Didn't execute properly on the kick, was not supposed to be an onside kick. Was supposed to be bloop high down field.

  • In regards to the punt coverage that the Rams returned for a TD, Jon Ryan didn't punt the ball where they were supposed to.

  • They got penetration; we have been making 2-3 yards on that play all day long (Marshawn running in the last play). This is an excellent front, athletic as we face. Had an edge on us early. With the tempo change we implemented we played better.

  • We had Jimmy in the game plan through out.

  • Tyler's return was something. Looks like he had a lot of space so we must have blocked well. Felt like half way through the kick you knew he was going to score.

  • Pete doesn't think he has ever seen a kick like that (onside kick, it being so wrong).

  • Anticipated throwing the ball quick the whole game, wanted to be fast with our rhythm. Once we handled the pass rush we could start doing that.

  • There was a call that Pete wanted a chance to fix (why he called the timeout before the 2min warning).

  • "That's not where my focus is right now" when asked about the impact of Kam Chancellor not playing.

  • Said he doesn't know about any injuries (so presumably none).

Russell Wilson:

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  • Facing these guys is always a battle. Always a tough game.

  • Love the way we fought back in the second half. Arguably one of the toughest teams we are going to face all year.

  • Up-tempo, the no huddle was huge for us. We have done it extremely well the past three years. Think it is something we need to consider hopping into when we have a lull.

  • One of the best D-lines in the NFL, they made some plays. A little bit is on me, see if i can get the ball out a bit quicker. O-line did a great job in the second half. Excited for Nowak in his first game, battled against some of the best guys you can face.

  • No huddle helps because it puts pressure on the defense, it tires them down.

  • Thought he was going to get that first down, reach for it. Next play we handed it off and thought it was going to work, they made a great play.

  • The goal is to throw the ball to the right guy at the right time. Excited about little Lockett, making plays in punt return. Having all the guys we have is exciting to play with.

  • O-line is doing a great job, faced a great D-line, some of those plays were on me too. Gotta study the film, see what we can do better and what we are doing well.

  • Always have the option to change the play, but it is a good play, it is 4th & 1 and we have the best RB in the NFL.

My Thoughts:

(I need to watch the game again to study some stuff but here are my first take thoughts)

  • Drew Nowak was snapping the ball all over the place, low, to the side, etc. Didn't love seeing that but it is to be expected given his inexperience. Really need to watch the game again to make sure but I feel like he actually had a fairly good game. Don't remember him getting blown up, didn't majorly fudge any snaps. Possible he didn't run block well (hard to tell).

  • This game was a loss for so many reasons, more than just Dion Bailey screwing up. Russell needed to be quicker and more decisive with his passes. Sherman got beat in the slot for the first down pass. Earl whiffed multiple times which lead to much more yardage gained by the opposing offense. The inability to catch the ball in the end zone by Luke Willson. Our defensive front 7 did not defend the run well enough. Many broken and missed tackles. A bad punt by Jon Ryan causing a ST TD for the Rams. A bad kick by Hauschka that gave the Rams the ball at mid field in OT. Dion Bailey screwing up leading to a TD reception for the Rams. Multiple blown coverages by the defense. And in my opinion failure on the coaches part, we had months to plan and practice for this game and this was the result?

  • I am not a O.C. basher because it is too easy to attack and there is a lot we don't know. But damn...especially with months to plan, I really really did not like what the game plan and calls seemed to be today. Russell seems as indecisive with the ball as he was as a rookie. Overall what I can't stand is we have so much talent on Offense; Russ, Beastmode, Jimmy, Lockett, Baldwin...and yet we continue to be that team that comes out slow, and that gets 3 & outted multiple times, and has to go into the half and re-work our game-plan to then come out and get anything done. What is wrong that we can't show up and in the first quarter play up-tempo? Why can't we have our game-plan be on point from the get-go? Especially when we have months to prepare it for this season opener.

  • Sherman in the slot was very interesting to see. In nickel situations Sherman would line up in the slot, and Shead would come in and play the wide receiver opposite Cary who played the other wide receiver. I will be curious to see if this is what we do going forward (maybe with Simon instead of Shead once Simon's toe is healthy).

  • Russell to Jimmy Graham is going to have problems and need time. It is just a fact that for most offensive players it takes a while to mesh into a offense. Especially in the red zone, where Russ to Jimmy is all about timing, and comfort in terms of ball placement and Russ having a feel for when Jimmy can make the play or when he can't. Expect issues but ones that with some time can be worked out.

  • I don't understand why we kept two fullbacks (Coleman and Tuku) presumably with the idea that Tuku would be utilized as a blocking TE and a blocking H-Back, and then he is inactive for this game when we most likely need him most (against this dominant Rams pass rush). I can't help but think about Tuku standing beside Russ ready to pick up any block that gets through the O-line, or out at TE ready to block/help our LT or RT today, and how that would have helped.