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Will Rams loss spur Kam Chancellor or the Seahawks to action?

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The Seahawks missed Kam Chancellor on the field in Sunday's loss to the Rams, and now the big question obviously becomes: Will Seattle blink in the face of one of their worst defensive performances in recent history?

Without Chancellor, their defensive captain and physical tone-setting All Pro, Seattle gave up 352 total yards and 34 points (27 on defense and 7 on special teams) to the Rams, and his replacement, Dion Bailey, fell down in coverage late in the fourth, giving up an easy touchdown to Lance Kendricks, which tied the game and sent it into overtime. This, in theory, potentially, gives Kam some leverage. It's now a reality that, at least on the surface, Seattle's defense looks a lot worse without Chancellor out there.

Early this morning before the game, Jason La Canfora reported that the Seahawks were willing to hold strong to their stance.

Per La Canfora:

The Seahawks are prepared to be without stud safety Kam Chancellor for the opening month of the season as he continues to hold out seeking significant alterations to his contract.

Seattle is open to shifting around some future money into next year's contract, but with Chancellor yet to report to the team and staying home, things remain at an impasse. League sources said if Chancellor were to report to the team, show up in good shape, then perhaps the situation could be resolved quickly -- with some moving around of money.

Also prior to the game, Ian Rapoport reported/confirmed some of the same information we'd heard earlier this week. Per Rapoport:

I'm told they are $900,000 apart, not on his 2015 salary, but on his 2016 salary. In fact, negotiations have been ongoing — what the Seahawks have offered to do is to to $3M from 2017 and put it forward a year — they want to pay him $8.1M, but Chancellor wants $9M. But, they are still at a stalemate, despite players going into the offices of GM John Schneider and Head Coach Pete Carroll, and begging them, "Bring Kam Chancellor home."

All that being said — four weeks ago it seemed that they had a deal in place and to end his holdout, but it fell apart, and depending on who you talk to, the accounts differ — one side got cold feet, the other took too long to respond.

Regardless -- these reports came from prior to Seattle's loss today in St. Louis. It will be interesting to see if the poor defensive play spurs any action on the part of the Seahawks or Chancellor. I imagine we'll hear more this week.