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Seahawks snap counts vs. Rams

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Theses snap count reports have been more common at every blog so I'll keep this brief and just point out a few interesting notes.

First, the offense:


First off -- 83 offense plays is a lot for the Seahawks. That is the first thing that stands out.

Second, Pete Carroll lived up to his promise that "Tyler Lockett will play a lot," and the rookie saw 70% of the Seahawks snaps, outpacing Ricardo Lockette and Chris Matthews by a huge margin. Lockett really is "one of the starting three receivers," as Carroll put it. He deserves to be, no question.

Another interesting note for me was that Jimmy Graham played 92% of the Seahawks' snaps, a very solid clip for a team that's been known to rotate their stars in and out a lot (too much, in some cases). Graham is and should continue to be an integral part of the Seahawks' offense, whether they're running or passing.


On defense, a few interesting notes:

First, Frank Clark only saw 16 snaps, or 27% of the team's total. This is a little weird, considering how well he played in the preseason, but maybe the team is just trying to get him acclimated. Carroll said this morning that Clark played well in his limited time, and only made a few easily correctable mistakes.

Cassius Marsh's 7 snaps is in line with about where I expected -- he'll be extreme depth and a small piece of the rotation when everyone's healthy, but could earn more snaps if anyone gets hurt.

The surprise playing time number for me was DeShawn Shead, who came in and played outside in the place of Richard Sherman, who was moving inside on nickel downs to play over the slot receiver. Pretty interesting development, and a tough ask for Sherman at 6'3. I think he played well -- they got one really great throw on him in OT to Stedman Bailey, but apart from that, Sherman held it down.