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3000 NFL Mock Draft: Week 2 of college football, best NFL rookies, what happened to the Seahawks?

It's the third edition of 3000 NFL Mock Draft and boy do we have a lot more to talk about today than we did in the last two weeks!

Me and Rob Staton of discuss the second week of college football, Ohio State, the terrible quarterback class of 2016 (possibly), Staton's Standouts, TWINCAAF (a segment that means This Week In N C A A Football), the rookies, Marcus Mariota vs Jameis Winston, who the Seahawks could be targeting with the number one pick next year, what went wrong in St. Louis, whether you should panic, why they aren't using Jimmy Graham properly, why they can't protect Russell Wilson, why Russell Wilson can't protect himself, and how they are going to have a chance in hell to beat the Packers in Green Bay. We also take your questions in the first edition of "3000 NFL Mailbag!"

Come back every Monday or Tuesday for more. Also, we're a podcast! You can watch the video if you'd like, but find us on iTunes under "3000 NFL Mock Draft" and subscribe to us there for immediate download of every new show to listen to on your way to work or whatever.