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This is not an article about the Kam Chancellor holdout; this is just a tribute

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DK edit: Kam's back, so this article is now a lot more fun.


It's been awhile since you've seen Kam Chancellor play football. Maybe absence is making your heart grow fonder, or maybe you've lost that loving feeling. Either way, I don't really care?

Because this is not about holdouts or fines. This is just a tribute.

Welcome to the Chancellor Retrospective.

High School - Be the star quarterback. Be ranked as one of the best pro-style quarterbacks in the country. Be dating Kenny Easley's daughter. Be Kam Chancellor.

As a senior at Maury High in Norfolk, Virginia, Chancellor played quarterback and safety. Rivals had him as the 27th-best pro style QB in the country, ahead of Colin Kaepernick at 34. He also met Easley for the first time, as he was dating his daughter.

Perhaps he didn't just steal her heart, but also the Easley essence.

November 10, 2007 -- Kam's "seminole" (I know it's seminal) moment

Kam started out as a quarterback at Virginia Tech, then was quickly moved to cornerback, where he got heavy playing time as a true freshman. In 2007, he moved over to the rover position where he could find his inner destroyer. Here is where he starts to figure out that he must have an ancestor that was a freight train.

January 1, 2009 - Kam will lead anything

Lead a horse to water and he'll drink for a day. Lead a marching band to a victory song despite not having any such experience in doing so and you're Kam Chancellor.

He probably also lead that horse to some fine ass water.

September 12, 2009 - This was Marshall

In 2008, Chancellor was moved over to free safety, technically his fourth position for the Hokies in three years. Chancellor almost declared for the 2009 draft, but returned to school so that he could deliver this hit on a guy who is probably still telling girls at bars, "Hey, I once got murdered by Kam Chancellor!"

/can't hear because the music is too loud



April 24, 2010 - The day 31 teams pissed off Kam Chancellor and didn't know what that would mean for them

Did you know that the Seahawks may have never gotten Kam if it weren't for former Seattle guard Rob Sims? The Seahawks traded Sims and a seventh to the Detroit Lions for Robert Henderson and a fifth. The acquisition of Henderson might have been more interesting at the time because he was a real person that we could quantify whereas "fifth round picks never turn into anything!" because this is the Seahawks and we didn't know any better.

Some might have had Kam going as high as the third round, but he was the second pick of the fifth. The list of players that went ahead of him that he turned out to be better than is well more than 100 so it's not worth listing any of them. He was the 26th defensive back taken.

And the third taken by Seattle behind Earl Thomas and Walter Thurmond. So maybe it was actually all 32 teams that put a chip on his shoulder.

During his rookie season, he mostly played on special teams as he sat behind Lawyer Milloy for all 16 games and tried to soak up whatever knowledge he could. By year two, he'd be able to remove the chip from his shoulder so that it was free to knock players into next season.

One of the first to find out what the f*** was about to happen? Todd Heap.

September 25, 2011 - When you're in a Heap of trouble

Kam's third career start.

It was the first quarter of Week 3 and the Seahawks were 0-2. Kevin Kolb throws an interception to Earl Thomas on his first throw of the game. As Thomas is taking it back, Chancellor kindly asks Heap what he wants on his Tombstone. Heap, thinking it was a joke, said "pepperoni and ch-" then he died.

Probably even more unfortunate for both Seattle and Heap, is that the pick was called back due to an illegal contact penalty on Brandon Browner. Because of that, Arizona declined the "unnecessary roughness" penalty that was called on Chancellor.

It's worth adding the GIF, which is like Kam telling Heap "Yabba dabba don't"

It's such a signature "Kam Chancellor moment" that it's hard to believe he was making just his third career start. In his first career start against the 49ers, he had nine tackles. In Week 2 against the Steelers, he had five solo tackles and four assists.

Here he delivers his first major hit (on record, I can't find anything from 2010 or the first two weeks) but that wasn't all.

The Seahawks are leading 13-10 with 2:57 left when the Cardinals get the ball back. They only need a FG if they want to send it to overtime. Kolb leads them to the Seattle 36 with just over a minute left. On third-and-12, Kolb throws towards Heap and Chancellor steps in for the interception.

After a three-and-out by the Seahawks, they punt it back to Arizona with :51 seconds left. Chancellor is in on special teams, makes the tackle on Patrick Peterson, and forces a fumble. It's recovered by Arizona, but still ... Clearly, Seattle has a very special player.

They hold on to win their first game of the season. One week later, Kam misses a game against the Falcons and they lost by two points. Two week later, he gets a pick in a 36-25 win over the Giants.

October 23, 2011 - The count of Monty-hits, though

The following week, the Seahawks go to Cleveland. Kam gets his second career sack with seven solo tackles. Including this one, I believe. Maybe it counted for all seven, I don't know. That would be fair.

2011 season -- The hits kept coming

In summation, Kam finished his first full season as a starter with 73 tackles, 22 assists (using Pro-Football-Reference's numbers), four interceptions, one sack, and two forced fumbles. ProFootballFocus credited him with eight passes defensed, which was tied for third among safeties. His four picks was tied for fifth. He was seventh in tackles. Overall, they thought Chancellor was better than Thomas in 2011, as did many fans who could just see the results quite easily without having to be football experts.

He was also named to the Pro Bowl for the first time.

2012 season -- A Hawk not quite to remember

Chancellor suffered a bit of a sophomore slump in 2012. (Technically junior slump, but don't tase me, bro.)

His tackle game was pretty much the same, but he had zero interceptions and just three passes defensed. There was also some talk around that time of moving him around, something about "death backer" or whatever the hell that "best name for a position of all-time" was. This is the only time in his career as a starter that Kam has not made the Pro Bowl.

Even though Kam may have not played up to expectations in 2012, the team went 11-5 and returned to the playoffs. Over the previous two seasons, it was clear now that Seattle had a trio of defensive backs that could become very special for the next few seasons. Thomas and Sherman were under contract for a little while, but Kam had just a year left.

December 24, 2012 -- Of course, there was that one thing ...

I debated whether or not to keep it chronological or save this one for the end, but if I skipped "the hit" here, I think people would automatically go to the comments say "your a idiot."

In Week 16, the 49ers came to Seattle in what was basically the defining moment of Carroll's Seahawks. They had beaten the Bears in Chicago and won their next two games by a combined score of 108-17, but none of it would have mattered if they had lost at home to San Francisco.

Then something happened that nobody will ever forget, except for Vernon Davis.

Vernon Davis ...

His name was Vernon Davis ...

His name was Vernon Davis ...

"Vernon Davis: 1984 - Then ^^^"

April 23, 2013 -- Kash for Kams

Coming off of what many viewed as a subpar season, there were questions about how the franchise would take care of Kam as he was heading into the final year of his deal. "What position will he play?" "Was 2011 a fluke?"

Internally, everyone knew how important he was.

Obviously, Pete Carroll knew all along that Kam was vital to the system so there probably wasn't much of a chance that they wouldn't extend him. Though doing it now did provide John Schneider an opportunity to pay him a lot for a strong safety, but not as much as he would if Kam were coming off of another Pro Bowl season.

Kam got a five-year, $35 million deal with $17 million in guarantees.

"This whole offseason was about Kam," said Schneider, referring to the fact that they don't do any deals until Kam's deal was done.

Kam later noted that he almost immediately bought his mother a house and a car, because they hadn't grown up with much money and it was something he had always vowed to do.

"My mom, she always had about two or three jobs all the time," Chancellor said. "I have five siblings and we all lived together. It was kind of rough for us, but we always stuck together. We always had each other."

October 17, 2013 - Tackles are eligible

Chancellor doesn't come back in 2013 and let up just because he got a big paycheck. Instead, he has the best season of his career.

After getting no picks the previous year, including playoffs, Kam gets an interception in a Week 2 win over the 49ers, then another the next week against the Jaguars. Seattle is 5-1 heading into a big divisional road game against the Cardinals, but they weren't looking as sharp over their last few games.

In case you don't see it in real time, wait for the instant replay to see Chancellor blow up the 6'7 Eric Winston, putting himself in position for the TFL. (Tough F***ing Luck)

Seahawks 34, Cardinals 22.

2013 -- Regular season

Kam finished the year with 80 tackles (career high), 54 assists (career high), three interceptions, 12 passes defensed, and a forced fumble. QBs were 29-of-41 for 245 yards with one touchdown and a rating of 63.6 when throwing at Kam. He made the Pro Bowl for the second time and was a second-team All-Pro.

January 21, 2014 -- NFC Chancellorionship or "Vernon Davis, Part II: Verner Hurts-dog"

Super Bowl XLVIII - De-scariest Bomb-fest?

Hey, not all puns can be winners.

In three postseason games, Chancellor had 15 tackles, 20 assisted tackles, two interceptions, and three passes defensed. By all accounts, he was the best defensive back in the 2013 playoffs and probably the best overall player on defense. He went Kam 2.0 on us. It was like that moment in Secret of the Ooze where the Ooze upgraded Tokka and Rahzar.

Remember, Chancellor signed an extension. So he technically wasn't even playing on the extended contract yet.

Sometime in the summer of 2014 -- NFL Top 100

Kam is voted as the 65th best player in the NFL by his peers. Just figured why stop adding videos at this point?

2014 season -- The hits keep coming, and maybe that's not a good thing

Chancellor matches his tackles total from 2013 but in two fewer games. In less than a year now he's had hip surgery as well as injuries to his ankle, groin, and knee. In the playoffs, he tears his MCL.

Still, he makes the Pro Bowl again, and his second-team All-Pro again. If he didn't have cult status already though, he achieved it in the divisional round of the playoffs.

January 10, 2015 -- Panthers don't stand a "Chance" (Get it? Chance?)

I'm grateful that the first field goal attempt was called back for a false start because jumping over the line once (and somehow not affecting the kick, which is still a mystery) is fine, but ultimately would get lost to history quite easily. Doing it again is something that people will never forget.

Like, who even knew he had that in his repertoire? What else can he do???

That play officially sealed said deal and the Seahawks were headed to the NFC Championship game again.

Kam had another good playoff run over three games, though not quite as dominating as 2013. Which can be forgiven since he played in the Super Bowl on a torn MCL and still had 10 tackles. Kam moved up in the Top 100 from 65 to 41.

Present: And then there was none

Thus far, Kam has not played another game or had another practice. Not sure why nobody is covering this. If he comes back, I can't wait to add more highlights to the highlights and more stats to the sheets. If he doesn't, this has been about the best four years anyone could have ever asked for.

And that's the end of this article because this is not about a contract situation, this is just a tribute.