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The StatHawk, Week 2: Would You Rather? A Rams-Packers Showcase Showdown

Comparing the Hawks' last three years against the creme, and the sour creme, of the NFC.

Impromptu Awkward Bike Rides: Bennett 1, Rodgers 0
Impromptu Awkward Bike Rides: Bennett 1, Rodgers 0
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Long week for me, football pals, building a house and working 50 hours at my "real" job, so here's an abbreviated StatHawk column instead of something in-depth. Tune in next week for valuable content.

In the meantime, captive audience, how about a round of "would you rather"? Here's the dilemma: Rams or Packers? The Hawks have spent the Russell Wilson Era cultivating some very nice rivalries with those two fine franchises.

In a vacuum, you'd rather Rams, right? I'd rather Rams. They don't have a Hall of Fame quarterback, they don't have a single playoff win in the last decade, let alone a Lombardi. They don't do winning seasons anymore.

And yet. And yet. Here are the statistical "highlights" from the last three seasons' worth of rivalry matchups.

Category When Playing Rams When Playing Packers Notes
Record 4-3 3-0 Yes, fine, all three GB games were at the CLink, whatever.
Opposing QB Comp-Att-Yds-TD-INT 139-218-1790-6-8 68-106-590-2-3 St. Louis QB's featured: Sam Bradford x2, Kellen Clemens x2, Austin Davis, Shaun Hill(!), Nick Foles
Opposing QB rating 83.3 73.2 You remember that Rodgers is the highest-rated quarterback of all time.
Russell Wilson Comp-Att-Yds-TD-INT 129-187-1525-7-5 43-78-538-5-4 Both these jerk teams pick Wilson off frequently.
Russ QB rating 94.9 76.8 Weird, right? Passer rating isn't everything.
Hawks points scored 151 78
Hawks points allowed 118 50
Average game score 22-17 26-17
Pts/defensive possession 1.64 1.61 Consistency. Also, Packers scored 2.63 points per drive in 2014.
Pts/offensive possession 2.19 2.29 Consistency. Hawks were at 2.19, 2.12 and 2.13 last three seasons.
This row intentionally left blank; Your statement continues below.
Sacks enjoyed 13 12 #BruceIrvinMemories
Sacks suffered 31 7 Fuckin' Rams.
Opponent rushing yards/game and YPC 82.4 and 3.3 99.7 and 4.2 Weird, right? Rushing yards aren't everything.
Marshawn Lynch Att-Yds-YPC-TD 119-524-4.4-3 70-365-5.2-3 Except of course when Marshawn is involved.
Earl Thomas chops + shoulder injuries 1 1 Push
Golden Tate troll jobs 1 ( heart u golden ) 1 ( heart u golden ) ( still heart u golden )
ST scores allowed 3 0 Jeff Fisher can go suck on a poisonous jellyfish.

(No, I'm not making a chart of successful/unsuccessful trick plays.)

Football is so dang weird sometimes, right?