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Real in the Field Gulls: Curtis Crabtree talks Kam Chancellor, Seahawks 53-man roster cutdowns

On today's episode of Real in the Field Gulls, Danny and I are joined by Curtis Crabtree, beat reporter for Sports Radio KJR and writer for ProFootballTalk.

We talk about the Kam Chancellor situation, who the starting offensive lineman are going to be, as well as which guys are going to make the final 53-man roster, the situation at wide receiver, Jimmy Graham (of course), if Russell Wilson's preseason problems are a real concern, any potential surprise cuts, how good Frank Clark and Cassius Marsh really are, and more.

The Seahawks are preparing to play the Oakland Raiders on Thursday, so me and Danny also spend some time previewing that game as well as looking back at the exciting win over the San Diego Chargers. Only a week and a half until football starts for real.

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Thanks again to David Fagerholm for creating our kickass theme song.