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Paul Allen backing John Schneider, Pete Carroll in Kam Chancellor holdout

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks have a big test Sunday night in Green Bay, but will of course be facing it without Kam Chancellor, who misses the second game of his holdout. Even worse, reports from this weekend don't paint a pretty picture in regards to the hope it will soon end.

"Nothing has changed this week," reported's Ian Rapoport this morning. "The two sides still have not spoken for more than a week."

That information corroborates a report by Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, who said on Saturday that "there's been no contact between the Seahawks and Chancellor's agent since Tuesday, September 8." Per that account, that's nearly two weeks, obviously.

Regardless, as Pete Carroll said early this week, "things are pretty quiet" between Kam and the team.

Also added to the report this morning by Rapoport was the tidbit that Seahawks owner Paul Allen has "been informed of every single development, and is standing behind GM John Schneider's stance."

This is something we heard last week as well from ESPN's Ed Werder, who noted that Paul Allen has gotten involved, a relative rarity for team operations. Werder reported that according to a team source, "This has gotten to the point where I was told today by a Seahawks team source that Paul Allen, the owner, has declared there will be no more contract negotiations with Kam Chancellor to try to resolve this."

Sports Radio KJR's Dave Softy Mahler reported the same thing, noting that a "team source told me yesterday Hawks are not negotiating with Kam. Sounds like final offer, whatever it is, is on table."

These reports this weekend would seem to confirm all of this info. The Seahawks are not negotiating with Kam, as Pete Carroll pointed out this week, just having conversations. But, apparently, there hasn't been much of that in the past two weeks, and by looking at Softy's report and reading between the lines, the team will not be offering Kam any more than what they've already offered. For now, it seems, they're just going to wait Kam out.

Chancellor loses an additional $267,000 and change this week.