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Seahawks vs. Packers: Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson post-game press conference notes

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Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson spoke to reporters after the Seahawks' loss to the Packers. Here are my notes on what was said (originally published at Reddit).

Coach Carroll:

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  • Tale of two halves. Packers started out with a great surge in their home town. Our guys hung really well to keep the score close, was an accomplishment. In the second half we put ourselves in a position to win the game. First half is marred with jumping off-sides. They did a great job finishing. Question in my mind was what happened with the turnover (Britt came out with ball)?

  • When the ball is on the ground and Britt comes out, I don't understand this. Disappointed. They said they declared the Packers had the football but didn't tell Pete.

  • Darrell Bevell did a really good job adjusting, pass pro'd better in the second half, threw the football more. Thought we could control he game differently, didn't have to go no huddle for that. Saw the pass pro in the first half so decided to go with it. Shifted gears to take advantage of what was available.

  • Russell Wilson was encouraged to run more in the second half.

  • It felt different, we need to get out of our own way...we aren't playing good enough ball. A 50 yard penalty, jumping off-sides three times in a drive when we practiced that really hard. They still did it to us, so disappointing. Feels like we aren't as clean as we need to be.

  • Deshawn Shead at SS was match-ups related.

  • Bunch of calls were made to get Jimmy Graham the ball but they just didn't go to him.

  • This game was a scramble football game, Aaron Rodgers was all over the place, he was moving everywhere not standing in the pocket ripping us. He out-dueled us. I like the way we played in a lot of it, but he was really special getting away from us.

  • Not happy with the pass rush because we couldn't get him. Wasn't as effective as we like.

  • Marcus Burley was nickel for match-up reasons.

  • Really disappointed in how we aren't finishing. Had a chance in both games this season and need to do better. Need to do right longer.

  • KJ Wright was disappointed at what happened, didn't want to do that. Pete didn't see what happened.

  • We were not right last year for some time too, we don't think that way but hopefully we can clean up our game and get right.

  • Russell seemed to find a little bit of everybody.

  • Michael Bennett going off sides is really unfortunate. He was disappointed in himself.

  • Bennett is okay.

  • Steven Terrell has a hip flexor injury, besides that the Seahawks came out of the game healthy.

  • Carroll said team had about six different ways they tried to get Jimmy Graham the ball, but it didn't work out.

Russell Wilson:

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  • Heartbreaker. Disappointing game because we felt we had a chance to move down the field and win. Thought it was a battle. Goes down to the wire with Green Bay. Everybody in the locker-room is positive about what we can do. 14 more games left, lot of season left.

  • Kept our tempo up, in and out of the huddle, mixed some plays in there coming out of the half. Made some plays. Played some of the toughest teams in our first two games. Gotta figure out how to win these close games, this is what it is about. No fear in our locker-room.

  • Thought we had the screen, thought it was going to be a huge play. They made a great play.

  • We gotta stay on schedule, get in third and short, not get any penalties. They came up with one or two more plays than us.

  • Obviously want to get Jimmy the football but we have so many guys. First half was stagnant. Looking for Jimmy for sure. Had a play-action looking for him but he was covered. Russ wants to spread the ball out to whoever is open. Don't try to force it, but gotta find ways to get him the football. Gotta play better, gotta play smoother. Thinks about all the past seasons, the fight in this team is very evident.

  • Thinks play-calls are good, but it is an opportunistic offense. Makes it tough on the defense that so many guys can get the ball. Wish he got Jimmy the ball more though. Wanna find him and everyone else more often.

  • Second half mixed the calls up great. Bev did a great job calling those. Got in a no-huddle type rhythm. Came up with some big third downs, that is huge. Gotta stay in attack mode.

  • Doesn't think we are searching for our identity on offense. Thinks Rams are always great against us, then you come out here and it is a tough environment, we found our rhythm in the second half but were stagnant in the first half, didn't get the first downs we needed. They made one more play.

Relevant Tweets:

  • DE Michael Bennett on all his offsides: "I f****d up. I mean, let's just keep it real"

  • Britt said he had the ball at bottom of pile and came out with it. "Explain to me how that's their ball.''

  • @RobertKlemko: Got the sense from Seahawks locker room they believe they just need to get new guys up to speed, and it won't take very long.

  • @CharlesRobinson: KJ Wright: "It's a heated game. Things get emotional. I hurt my team. It shouldn't happen again. I'm not a dirty player. I apologize for getting thrown out of the game".

My Thoughts:

  • I am getting really tired of seeing our offense come out and do the most predictable, vanilla stuff we could possibly do until we come out of the half. We waste 30 minutes of game time on offense not doing anything but the most basic play-calls. I mean after a week of Bevell getting shredding by Momma Lynch and the media questioning his play-calling, he starts the game off with a bubble screen? Where was that "we will look into going up-tempo when we are in a lull"? Felt like the entire first half was a lull.

  • I get that it takes time to build timing and chemistry with a new receiver...but my God until someone looks at the tape and tells me that Jimmy is either too covered or not in a good position for Russ to throw to, consider me upset we are doing so little with him. I'd honestly feel better about our interceptions if instead of them happening on screens and what not, they happened while trying to throw Jimmy a bomb.

  • Positive I take away: I haven't re-watched the game yet but it really looked like the O-line held up well in pass pro. Once Russ was told during the half that he was getting pockets and to stand tall in them and pass, he came out and did that and wow it looked good. The pass to Luke, to Tyler, to Doug...Now how good is the Packers pass rush? I don't know, especially with Clay playing Linebacker not DE, but the pockets looked nice.

  • This isn't the end of the world, it is 0-2 with home games coming up against very beatable teams and all that...but what I hate equally to our losing is how we have lost, especially tonight. Yet again no run game, yet again the passing attack shows flashes of brilliance in the second half but that is it. And yet again we are not clutch. Could things turn around? Could a nice positive win at home against the Bears with their (most likely) backup QB really help this team? Sure. We could go on a streak, the young guys on defense could start to get "it" and the offense could start clicking. But damn, if you had asked me during the preseason what exactly is it that you don't want to see from the Hawks week 1 and 2, I would have told you exactly this, what we have seen so far from them.