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3000 NFL Mock Draft: Rob's first 2016 mock, Seahawks talk, and much more

On the fourth episode of 3000 NFL Mock Draft, Rob Staton and I discuss his very first take on a 2016 NFL Mock Draft. We also talk about Cardale Jones getting benched, Cody Kessler losing to Kevin Hogan, Ole Miss upsetting Alabama and whether or not Nick Saban is headed back to the NFL, why offensive lineman are so bad right now, and so much more. It's over an hour of talk and we get into it all.

First segment: TWINCAAF (This Week In NCAA Football)

Second segment: Rob's Watch -- what did Rob watch this weekend?

Third segment: Frozen Rob (at one point, Rob's internet cuts out so there's about a 30 second delay on the show)

Fourth segment: Rob's Mock Draft: Looking at his first 2016 NFL Mock Draft

Fifth segment: Seahawks talk. Talking about Seattle's loss to Green Bay and the state of the team right now. How are the players looking? (Some not good, some good.)

Sixth segment: Twitter mailbag. Taking your questions from Twitter! Please send in many more next week and also you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes under 3000 NFL Mock Draft. We hope you do! OH AND THERE'S A DISCUSSION ABOUT CAKE AND CUPCAKES. PLEASE PUT IN THE COMMENTS IF YOU PREFER CAKE OR CUPCAKES. Rob did not know what cupcakes were.