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Kam Chancellor speaks to the media following the end of his holdout

Pete Carroll and Richard Sherman also talked to reporters.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor ended his holdout on Wednesday and he spoke to reporters this afternoon to explain the situation as much as he could. Pete Carroll and Richard Sherman also spoke. Here are a few notes from their press conferences. Originally published over at Reddit.

Kam Chancellor:

  • Happy to be back. Happy to be back with organization, team, teammates, coaches. Hard to watch those games. Ready to play football now.

  • Field Gulls on Facebook

    Why now? Think it was that time. Talk to some guys, got some great words by some great people. Time is now. Always a guy that follows my heart. Watching my teammates play game one and two and watching those losses hurt me, the leader I am. Time is now to come back. Put business to the side and deal with that after the season.

  • Always pray all the time, pray for answers, healing, everything, godly man. Ray Lewis, teammates all the time, hearing them talk all the time, how much they miss me, vice versa, those things steered me to coming back.

  • Doesn't remember who reached out to who with Ray Lewis, had a great conversation.

  • Emotion was happy, seeing everyone smiling, welcoming me with open arms. It was like I was never gone. Was great going through walk through.

  • It was very hard to watch the games. I know I can make a different (not taking away from anyone else) here now to move forward.

  • Feel good, thanks to trainer back home, never lets me take a day off.

  • Main focal point is coming back to play football.

  • Knows he can play Sunday. (Pete says something, I think about that not being a sure thing)

  • Been in the same D for five years, nothing has changed, no reason he can't come back Sunday. One of those guys that you tell something one time and you don't forget.

  • Between me and business not being here during camp but being here for OTA's and Hawaii. Will address more detail after the season. Message to the fans: People are going to make opinions when they don't know your situation, when they don't know what is going on. Can forgive those that don't understand what is going on.

  • Big team guy, big brotherly guy, when I feel like my teammates are in danger, I like to be who I am and be that leader.

  • Prayed all night yesterday, felt right to come back.

  • Looking to move forward, everybody addressed me with open arms. Turn the page, put business behind you.

  • Didn't over value my place on the team. Just like to show people a hard worker. A physical football player who loves to play the game.

  • When the holdout first came about, holding out the entire season was a thought that occurred.

  • Trained like crazy when holding out. Spent a lot of time with family which was great.

  • We are all human, things happen, in regards to trying to keep things non-personal.

  • Wouldn't know how fresh he is to play but feels good.

Pete Carroll:

  • It is great to have him back. Incredible part of our team, everybody loves him, we feel him, we know him, we missed him. We are through that. Always worked really hard to disciplined ourselves to not look back, this is a great instance to do exactly that. You will hear the same from the coaches and players.

  • This is like starting again for us, to come home, play in front of the 12's. It's time. With that everything is looking forward towards today. Really feel like this is the start. Doesn't care about anyone elses opinions on that.

  • Pete's thought is that Kam will play, but take it one day at a time, depends on how he responds to the work load. If he doesn't play he doesn't. In fantastic shape. Will let you know more tomorrow (today's practice is the hardest of the week).

  • Kam is 226 and 6% body fat.

  • Kam is going to be with us for a long time, hope he will always be a Seahawk, we both think that. We look forward to a long relationship.

  • Guys have received him with open arms, but doesn't mean there weren't feelings about. It was hard knowing he wasn't here. Guys were excited to see him. Not going to talk about anything to do with the business aspect of it.

  • Look bigger, strong with Kam back. Can't ignore the fact of what he brings to us. Great for Dion and Shead to play, that will all play off. To see Shead play corner then safety the next week and see him doing good at both spots. Will benefit from that.

  • Found out this morning that it was official he was coming back.

  • What happen is already gone, can't do anything about that. How do we respond now? Asking all of these guys to do that. Part of what gives us a chance to respond and get back on track.

  • We have a lot of things to clean up, we need to look sharp. Can't afford to think that just because Kam is back everything is fixed.

  • We are going to keep doing the things we know how to do, tweak till we find the right balance with Jimmy.

  • Russell will be more comfortable with more time in terms of throwing to Jimmy when he isn't traditionally open. Work on Russell's throws and aim and angles.

  • In college you are going to put your better athletes on Defense, the guys who move the best. Gives you an opportunity to get something great out of a player who doesn't make the cut in the NFL on D but is a better athlete and has that Defensive mindset and everything to your O-line.

  • There is a big shift in offensive line play in the last 10 years or so with the different style of the running game and passing game in college. Lot more lateral play then there used to be. The way they are brought up doesn't help us as much. So we get the best athletes.

  • BJ Raji got after Nowak sometimes but both got their shots. Got better later in the game. This is his second game...this will be his first full game ever at home at C-link. Our communication was the best it has been against the Packers and in that stadium that is good.

  • Steven Terrell is pretty sore, won't practice today.

  • Tharold Simon is still hobbling. Slowed down this week, might not make it back for Sunday

  • We'll see if Kam coming back will be obvious like Bobby Wagner did last year, not sure it will but looking forward to seeing if it does.

  • "There's nobody like him. He's an extremely unique football player"

Richard Sherman:

  • John Clayton represents PFWA and gives Richard Sherman the "good guy award" -- first defensive player they've awarded "It's nice to get an award".

  • It's great to get Kam back. Think he will have a seamless transition. Looks in great shape.

  • Does a great job, his presence is always felt, he is a smart player, he understands offenses.

  • Hard count was difficult on D-line, but fixed it after the half.

  • Tackle better to stop the big plays, communicating better, simple.

  • Found out this morning Kam was coming back. Guys were excited.

  • "Not that I can see" in regards to seeing hard feelings from any other players.

  • Doesn't look like he missed a beat during the walk through.

  • Doesn't matter to Sherman that the national opinion is different than the local opinion in terms of being a "good guy" and everything.

  • It is incredible how versatile Shead is, playing outside, inside, SS, FS. Willing to do anything he can to help this team. Perfect example of "the more you can do". Lot of mental gymnastics to move around like that, really have to tip your hat to him.

  • Think Burley played great in the slot.

  • Dion Bailey had a great experience, good and bad that comes with the NFL. Understands what the expectations are, what it is to play in big time football.

  • Has a standard for himself in regards to why he apologized for the TD he gave up on Facebook.

  • How do you win those close games Seattle has been losing? Sherman: "Hold the lead... or ...make the lead bigger"

  • Feedback has been some positive and some negative on BLM movement comment. Wasn't aiming at their message, was talking about direct personal experiences. Don't think about statistics and stuff when talking about personal experience. No stats can tell you your story isn't true. Heard a lot of things about myths and this and that, hard to dispel those things when I am not focused on those things. They are focused on police brutality and black arrest and white arrest and there is some truth to that. There have been racialized arrests, some profiling. That is unfortunate, should obviously be changed, didn't say it shouldn't be.