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Seahawks vs. Bears: Russell Wilson, Michael Bennett, Earl Thomas presser notes

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson, DE Michael Bennett, and S Earl Thomas spoke to reporters Thursday afternoon. Here are some notes on what was discussed. Originally published over at Reddit.

Russell Wilson:

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  • Our talk throughout the locker room and meetings is we are 0-0 and to be 1-0 each week, basically what we always say.

  • Always been a team that wants to run the football but also be explosive in the passing game. Takes time of possession in the game, defenses get tired. It is a balanced offense.

  • What needs to happen is we need to win. Jimmy, myself and the rest of the guys want to win. Jimmy had a great first game, but in the second game we had a couple penalties and stuff where we were trying to get him the ball.

  • Obviously looking for Jimmy, want to get him the football. Got 6 catches in the first game, still want to get him more catches; want to get everybody more catches. In the second game we had plans, at the end of the game we had a deep one but they double teamed or triple teamed him.

  • Doesn't think you have to train yourself to throw it to Jimmy, obviously giving a guy like that a chance he is going to make the play.

  • Sometimes Jimmy gets double covered, depends on a lot of things. I am continuingly to try to look for him. Our offense is about getting the ball to the right guy at the right time, spread the ball out.

  • Drew Nowak is doing a phenomenal job. Think about the first two games he has started at Center. Really excited for Drew, he is getting better every week, every practice. He is doing a great great job. Excited about what he can do for us.

  • Tells Tyler Lockett all the time if you have the confidence in yourself it doesn't matter what your age is. Continue to push even with such a great rookie year he is having.

  • To have Kam back is an awesome thing. He is such a great team player, on and off the field.

  • On Aaron Rodgers' God comment Sunday: "Everybody has a right to their own opinion.''

  • Think in the GB game, we have the ball on the 9 yard, we are on the road, they make plays then we punt. Not concerned about our first half being slow, we were playing a great team. Hopefully we can translate the success of our offense into the early part of the game. Ultimate goal is to win the football game no matter how you win it.

  • Jimmy is a guy that wants to win, is an ultimate competitor. He is a great teammate and friend.

  • Russell talks about the girl at Children's Hospital that died.

Michael Bennett:

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  • Knocks over Gatorade bottle on podium "Gatorade doesn't pay me".

  • Always the same every time you play family members. Damn Kam you came back this week? Don't want to see him get hit hard. Don't want my brother to make big plays but at the same time I want him to do some stuff.

  • How will my niece listen to her father if I push him back for a sack?

  • Bears run lots of short routes, screen plays, stick to the same thing as what they normally do.

  • Gotta hustle to the ball and get your hands up when you play against screens a lot. Usually it is a d-linemen who breaks up screen plays because of their hustle to the ball.

  • Practice was the same with Kam back. Felt like he never left. He was really poised. He even made checks we haven't heard in a while. It was like "Oh damn, Kam's back". He knows exactly when to call things.

  • Coach Carroll came to Bennett's house to convince him to sign with the Hawks instead of going to Chicago and playing with his brother. "It was close".

Earl Thomas:

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  • Today is Earl's daughter's birthday.

  • Biggest difference playing at home is having the crowd on your side. You feed off of that.

  • Hitting Eddie Lacy felt like hitting a home run, like hitting the sweep spot of the bat. Hit him with repaired shoulder, said shoulder felt good.

  • Little weird having Kam back at practice. He showed up and was like "Hey I'm here". Today was better.

  • Having him back makes us better, because he is back.

  • He looked smooth, fit right in. Helps in getting people lined up, is a great communicator.

  • He looked great, just had butter fingers on a couple missed INT, has trimmed down, looks ready to go.

  • Just trusts him. He came back a little different, even the way he talks is a little different. He understands his role now, he found himself a bit more. Think it is about empowerment.

  • Thing there is a sense of urgency every week. We prepare hard, just keep the pace going. It will turn to our favor it always does.

  • Pete has his ways balancing the players with the business. Psychology.

  • Matt Forte can lineup at receiver, is a great runner, we have to do a great job tackling in the perimeter. We need to gang tackle and use our leverage.

  • Both Bennett's seem "different".

  • Earl has to own seams and posts, all that other stuff is natural instincts that take over. Sometimes he thinks they can handicap him sometime but he does what the scheme says to do.

  • When Kam Chancellor returned, Earl Thomas went to DeShawn Shead, gave fill-in SS/Corner big hug for job he did then selflessly stepping aside

  • Marcus Burley played great, is a very scrappy player, he competes and he is a great tackler. He owned every route.

Relevant Tweets:

  • @gbellseattle Kam Chancellor remains on exempt list. But growing sense around Seahawks he'll be activated to roster before Saturday 1:25pm to play Sunday