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Jimmy Graham on reports he's unhappy: "That's a surprise to me"; Pete Carroll gives Seahawks injury reports

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Jimmy Graham and Pete Carroll talked to reporters today following Seattle's Friday practice. Here are some notes I took on what was said. Originally published at Reddit.

Jimmy Graham:

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  • On national reports he's angry and frustrated: "Yeah, I've been reading the same thing. That's a surprise to me. I'm not really sure where that came from. I mean i was in there (locker-room post GB loss), you know, for the time I needed to be. And then I went to the shower. But I'm not really sure where all those articles started. You know, especially since I said nothing to nobody. Usually, I figure to write stories you've got to have some kind of source - which should be me. And this certainly wasn't."

  • "You know, I like to win. I hate to lose. Frustration comes because we are 0-2, and we are a lot better than that."

  • Super excited to be on the true good side of those screams and yells (playing in C-Link). It will be fun to see the 12's and how that energy really is.

  • In regards to lower numbers through two games: I'm doing what is asked of me. I know my opportunities and moments will come. I KNOW I will be ready when they do come my way. We have talked about it, this team runs the ball, simple as that. We aren't slinging it 60 times a game, and if we are we are in trouble. So I am going to keep doing what is asked of me.

  • Kinda a constant growth, there are a lot of variables. The most important thing is about wins not my role out there. We are concerned about wins. What keeps me up at night is if we won or lost, not if I got a pass.

  • In regards to not being utilized against the Packers: Certain coverages at certain times you can't anticipate. I had a Cover-3 double move for a certain play but it happen to be Cover-2 and my move wasn't a Cover-2 beater, so the ball didn't come my way.

  • Last game was pretty similar as last year, same guy guarded me, they doubled me on third downs.

  • "Drew ain't running no read options. If he's in trouble, he was going to read me, and I was the option."

  • In regards to getting the ball; Russ the past two games has used the read option and kept it, can't blame him for that, there has been a lot of green grass to run it. Sometimes he scrambles away from where we are (so he can't throw it to Jimmy) because he is trying to stay alive, because the pressure forces him that way. This team is about big plays, eventually they will happen.

  • Mindset doesn't have to be different here, just know you are a beast and get the ball when it is thrown to you.

  • I'm a tight end now, shoot. I'm fulfilling that role. Definitely earning my stripes.

  • I tell Russ everyday, "it don't matter, sometimes just throw it" (in regards to being open). Sometimes it just doesn't matter (that I am covered). It is just chemistry and trust.

  • I've been here for 6 months now, growing, really growing with Russ on the field. Each week is a huge step forward. Getting the work in after practice and before practice.

Pete Carroll:

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  • Important week, we have to get this thing started and get going. Could tell during each day of practice each day was focused. Backed off a bit today because we worked so hard the past few days. Ready to get started, not pleased with how these began.

  • Chance Kam Chancellor will play, won't decide until Saturday.

  • Kam looked very normal, a real credit the work he did at home. We will find out how he responds after three ays of practice but the plan is he will play.

  • Marshawn Lynch has a calf injury we are working on, we have been conditioning him. We will run him tomorrow and see how he looks. Came up during the Green Bay game. Will be a game-time decision.

  • Jimmy was out here saying "I might not look open, but throw it to me" but that seems to be a stark contrast to your "protect the football mentality, so is that a clash at all?" That is a competitor trying to get the rock. There is a unique aspect of a big receiver, they don't have to be as far away from the receiver to catch it, Jimmy has a great catching range. He is trying to make his pitch. In time it is going to be a great match-up for us. "We always take care of the football around here".

  • Michael Bennett is okay.

  • We do a lot of stuff to monitor our guys work load.

  • We've been working with that sports science for a couple of years now. With a back-log of information we are able to predict stuff now with good accuracy. We do a lot of stuff to monitor our guys workloads. We do very in-depth analysis to how our guys are taking to the work.

  • Doesn't think it is unrealistic Kam could play four quarters, but whether or not that is the right thing to do or not is key.

  • It all begins with stopping big plays. We always have wanted to run the football and be explosive on offense, which is a great 1-2 punch. You can't predict anything with just 2 games, we need to get back on track.

  • Mike Morgan is ready to go, will play. He is a big factor for us on ST, is a core guy for years.

  • Tharold Simon won't make it. Dislocated a toe. Hope to have him back next week.

  • Steven Terrell won't play.

  • We have always adapted our style of play to the style of player someone is. Find what best suits them, couldn't see a better contract with Earl next to Kam. Really important that the FS is really consistent. Has to be a game saver consistently and make "the play".

Relevant Tweets:
  • @ChicagoBears Bears QB Jay Cutler and WR Alshon Jeffrey both ruled out of Sunday's game in Seattle due to injuries.
Seahawks Injury Report:


  • (S) Steven Terrell (Hip)
  • (CB) Tharold Simon (Toe)


  • (RB) Marshawn Lynch (Calf)
  • (TE) Luke Willson (Back)

Fully Participated / Probable:

  • (CB) Cary Williams (Thigh)
  • (LB) Mike Morgan (Hamstring)
  • (LB) Bobby Wagner (Ankle)
  • (QB) Tavaris Jackson (Ankle)
  • (DE) Michael Bennett (Toe)