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Pete Carroll: Monday press conference notes

Monday presser notes

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll spoke to reporters Monday afternoon to break down Seattle's win over the Bears and to look forward to the Lions. Here are some notes on what was said. Originally published on Reddit.

Pete Carroll:

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  • Marshawn Lynch is being taken care of. His hamstring bothered him a bit in the middle of the game. Won't know much until we start practicing this week. Marshawn is getting an MRI on his hamstring soon, he got one on his calf earlier. Today the hamstring is what we are looking at, his calf is resolving. Says Lynch felt the hammy on 4th down catch.

  • Didn't get the feeling in preseason that we got from Thomas Rawls yesterday, this is the guy we had hoped we'd see.

  • It is a really big deal for our receivers to do blocking that helps the running game. These guys are all special teams guys, so blocking comes pretty natural to them. Doug and Jermaine are really good blockers.

  • Marshawn is wait and see, won't know until Friday, MRI will be important.

  • Brandon Mebane got in an awkward position in a pile up, strained his groin, gotta wait and see what the looks like in a few days, he was up and getting around well the trainer said, wait and see.

  • Rawls has his own style, is very aggressive, was looking for hits down field. Through the line of scrimmage he has a great wiggle and all that but the way he did it is what we saw him do in college. Like the way he does it.

  • In the short yardage plays counting 4th downs we were 4 of 6. There have been a couple of plays that we didn't make. Still finding out where we are this year with it. Will need some time.

  • Coleman and Tukuafu had some blocks, Derrick had a couple of great blocks. Will did a very nice job to from the FB spot and TE spot, he had his shots. Had a very good game.

  • Jordan Hill has been very active, and is getting active in the running game as well. A real plus for us. Great to see. Kam was really solid, did everything right and in the right position. He has some hits he can clean up, but he made his calls and got everyone in the right place.

  • Tried to throw the football more in the first half, came out in the second half and ran more.

  • Didn't protect the passer as much as we'd like early. Multiple reasons for that (gotta get open more, gotta get the ball out faster).

  • Drew Nowak (Center) played his best game, it is this process, growing and getting better. Glad everyone is healthy and coming back and just keep improving as a group.

  • Frank Clark was very aggressive, he was all over the field. Really close on a couple, didn't make the play but effected them. Continue to draw more opportunities.

  • ST blockers are busting their tails off knowing they have someone special back there (Lockett). "That was probably as clean a kickoff return as we've ever had."

  • Richard Sherman catches punts every day, is an aspiring punt returner, is waiting for his opportunity. He did it beautifully in practice, if anyone is gonna do something like that right it is him.

  • Cary Williams has played really solid football. Really consistent technique wise (our style). Has made a few big plays, is doing really well. Hoping as we get through the start of the season you have trouble going either way (Cary or Sherm).

  • Tharold Simon and Steven Terrell will need the week to find out if they can play.

  • Luke could have played but he was still a bit vulnerable (back spasms), is such a tough guy, wanted to play, politicking like crazy, think we should have him back for Monday Night Football. Will be full go all week.

  • In other games we have been looking for the finish, playing a certain way in the fourth quarter. Really satisfying to find that again.

  • Rawls instead of Fred Jackson was a developmental decision. Already know what Fred can do as a 3rd down guy. Rawls we wanted to see, got the "pup going".

  • Rawls was a guy personally I was really fired up about, he was "my guy", liked his (running) style. Guys were on the phone until we got him, needed to get that done. We were thinking about drafting him.

  • Pete is watching every bit of Quinn (Falcons) he can. What a great great start. Have done it in dramatic fashion, what a finishing team. Offense and defense have improved, watching very closely.

  • Too early to talk about the division (West). Cardinals are rolling. Doing all kinds of good stuff just like last year.