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Seahawks-Raiders reaction podcast: A new edition of Real in the Field Gulls

For the last seven months, Real in the Field Gulls has come to you once a week -- every week -- usually on Thursdays. Well, on this Thursday, me and Danny dropped a new episode of Real in the Field Gulls but this time it's a completely different kind of 'sode. After every game, we'll get on the mic for about 25-30 minutes and talk about what just happened so that you can have something immediate to listen to and dig into while we are all processing the results of the game.

In this case, the Seahawks beat the Raiders 31-21 in mostly dominating fashion.

We talk about which players secured a spot on the roster, how the depth is shaping up at wide receiver, as well as the elite play of rookies Frank Clark and Tyler Lockett. Seattle is now just nine days away from opening the season in St. Louis at 10 AM.

Which means that you are just nine days away from another instant reaction podcast. Isn't that exciting?

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