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Pete Carroll: B.J. Daniels played great, Frank Clark and Tyler Lockett meeting expectations

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll spoke to reporters after Seattle's win over the Raiders on Thursday night. Here are a few quick notes I jotted down from the presser. Originally published at Reddit.

Pete Carroll (Video):

  • Plan to let the offense play more but scored fast, so pulled them out.

  • Third game in a row not turning the football over. Proud of that, big deal. Wins games for you.

  • B.J. Daniels had a great game tonight, had a blast watching him, ran the ball and threw the ball well.

  • Had very high hopes for Frank Clark and Tyler Lockett, all of the expectations have been they would help us and it looks that way.

  • Gonna see Tyler be a big factor for us going forward.

  • Important for Tyler and Frank to play as much as they did. Needed the information that was gathered. Frank has done everything we asked of him. Tyler doesn't look like anything is too big for him.

  • Toughest part of the competition is cuttings players, good players on the team we won't be able to keep.

  • Kasen Wililams continues to make big catches. Continues to make plays. Has come back from his serious injury and done a nice job. Trying to find his niche on ST.

  • Robert Turbin has a legit ankle sprain, have to wait and see how he responds.

  • Mohammed Seisey hurt his shoulder. Dislocation, pretty severe.

  • Dion Bailey has issues with his hand, taped it up and played (got hurt, hand was wrapped during the game, played on ST with it wrapped). No concerns about that with Kam Chancellor not showing up.

  • Not sure about hammy on Mike Morgan.

  • Nothing has changed with Kam, have to go ahead with the guys we have, have to think like he is hurt and can't play.

  • Chris Matthews, tried to get him the ball but it just didn't happen. Had him in mind, wanted to, just didn't work out.

  • Christine Michael did a nice job early, get around the edge. Really good night for Thomas Rawls, night we were looking for him. Rod Smith continues to do well too.

  • Miraculous summer for Jesse Williams. Played good football for us. He's knocking on the door trying to make this club too like everyone else.

  • Frank Clark has great suddenness to him, and is highly instinctive. Fitting in really well in the Mike-B role. Great hip and leg strength, weighs 280 something, but has a lot of power, it shows up.

  • Backup defensive players are playing well. Play style no matter the 1's out there or 3's is hard and tough, likes that.

  • Nickel CB is very competitive. Good play from Will Blackmon, Tye Smith, Marcus Burley. Gotta figure it out.

  • Fred Jackson visit was information gathering, incredible player in person. We'll see, we really like the kid.

  • No other injuries, bumps and bruises but nothing to report.

  • Tavaris Jackson moves okay in pre-practice, next 5-6 days he will be in good shape and ready to go for the opener.

My thoughts:

  • WHOAAAA guys!! cool down on the B.J. Daniels mega-hype. Don't get me wrong, I loved his game tonight, he made some accurate throws and his read-option was fantastic. But that was against the backup-backup Oakland defense, with their lack of experience they are going to bite on read option way more than starters. B.J. wasn't good enough to be our QB2, hence Pete converting him to WR. He is brand new to WR (other players have 6+ years at WR in their lifetime since highschool or earlier, he has months at WR) and it shows in his drops, and his green mistake pushing his CB off at the top of his route for a OPI. He is a 5'11 brand new WR, aka a slot WR, we already have two of those (Doug Baldwin, Tyler Lockett) and Paul Richardson will be coming back to play slot & outside when he is healthy. I dig Daniels, i want him to make the PS, I do, but we have depth issues at O-line and DB to be worried about. (before you say he is not PS eligible, there are 2 spots on the PS for players with 2+ years of PS experience, he could make it in one of those slots).

  • I really like Kasen Williams and Kevin Smith. We obviously don't have the information and tape and knowledge the FO has (hence my trust in PCJS) but I would be happy to see Ricardo Lockette get cut for Kasen & Kevin to make the roster at WR5 and WR6. I honestly believe the tweet I read earlier is right in saying Kasen Williams could be our WR5/6 but have WR2 potential. The idea of having that level of talent at WR5 and WR6 is very appealing to me.

  • I really like Thomas Rawls, we need to find a way to keep him. Again there is so much we don't know about Turbin's health and Fred Jackson and how the FO really feels about C-Mike...but if on Saturday it was announced we traded C-Mike for fair draft capital and at some point we sign Fred Jackson I would be very happy. Oh and Rod Smith to the Practice Squad, please.

  • I haven't re-watched the game yet to check out the O-line specifically but I gotta say I really dug what I saw from the starters. Garry Gilliam just looks good at RT. Not just his pass pro but his run blocking looked good. I think we should feel encouraged that Novak hasn't had a bad snap all preseason, hasn't seem to have caused a neutral zone infraction and hasn't been the cause of any delay of game penalties. He hasn't had one "hands to the face" or anything.

  • Lastly: How I feel about the Seahawks going into the regular season

  • P.S. Please, as a fan-base, don't freak out when week 1 our O-line looks sub-par against the monstrous Rams D-line. I beg of you. It is going to happen, our O-line is too young, too new to look good against the best D-line in the NFL. Prep yourselves mentally for sacks and QB hurries and the like.