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Pete Carroll on Kam Chancellor holdout: "He knows where we're coming from, and we know where he's coming from"

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Pete Carroll joined the Brock and Salk Show on 710 ESPN Seattle this morning, and gave a quick update on all things Seahawks. He updated the Kam Chancellor holdout situation, which is, perhaps, the most important thing on all our minds on this Monday morning,

"We have to go ahead. That's all that everybody wants us to do," Carroll told Brock and Mike. "The players want to do that, the coaches have to do that. Our fans, they're going to be disappointed to not see Kam out there, as we all will be, but it's like he's not healthy enough to play yet, he can't go yet."

"Everything's pretty well-stated," said Carroll, regarding the negotiations. "He knows where we're coming from, and we know where he's coming from. So we just have to keep going and do what we need to do, and he has to do the same.

"There's markers when we have to be available for the conversation, which we've done. But small talk in between, there's not much of that. There's not much to say. But the business is out there. We've communicated very clearly. I know where he's coming from. He knows where we're coming from, so that's what's going on, we'll see. This is an important week to see where he is, so we're ready to go about our business."

We'll see just how serious each side is with regards to their stances in this stalemate.