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Fred Jackson, Pete Carroll press conference notes

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and (new) running back Fred Jackson spoke to reporters after practice this afternoon. Here are a few quick notes from the presser. Originally published at Reddit.

Fred Jackson:

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  • Good to be here. Excited about it. Couldn't have picked a better place to come to.

  • Feel like I got a lot left, what a place to come out and contribute. Somewhere I wanted to be apart of, it was a mutual feeling. Excited to be here. We all know I have a great relationship with Marshawn and that was a factor. Coaches being excited to have me, there is nothing like it.

  • Great environment, anytime you love to come to work and it is fun it brings the best out of you. Marshawn tells me how much fun he as at practices and out on the town, it excites you to come join.

  • Once it was announced I was released and I hit the wire, I got a phone call immediately. You love to see that as a player, you want to go to the first organization that lets you know, and that is how Seattle has treated me. This is a place that knows how to win. Great coaching staff and organization.

  • Had a tremendous nine years in Buffalo with the fans and community. Different out here putting on a Seahawks helmet and jersey. But it's a move that I am excited about, going out there and hitting the field.

  • Will be doing stuff he has done before here compared to at Buffalo.

  • Getting cut caught him off guard, but it is part of business. Best thing that could have happen to me happened though. Great organization with open arms welcomed me in.

  • Some things are different but a lot of stuff (terminology) on offense is what he has heard before.

  • Prides himself on being one of the best pass pro RBs in the league. Catching catches out of the back field he takes pride in as well. Hopes to make plays on Sundays for the Hawks.

  • Spoke on the phone to Marshawn 3-4 times a week even when in Buffalo. Will be at his house playing with his kids.

  • Marshawn is a big kid, considers himself a big kid. That is why they get along, they both like to enjoy life and have fun.

  • Number one motivating factor is getting to the playoffs (hasn't ever played in a playoff game in his career) and win a Super Bowl. Wants to be apart of this winning team.

  • As soon as he was released got on the phone with Marshawn and told him to talk in GMs ear to tell them Fred wants to play for the Hawks.

  • Took the physical, but there was no point in signing him for the last preseason game, not the time to do it, everything worked out. Talked to other teams but came down to going somewhere where they win, and there is no where that is more that than the Seahawks.

  • Took to heart that he wants to contribute when lining up in different positions. Doing everything well he thinks is why he has stayed in the league so well.

  • Bills fans are tremendous, as a player you hope to get that fan reaction when you leave. Those fans will always have a special place in his heart.

Pete Carroll:

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  • It's the real week this week. Everything is lined up and ready to go. Excited about finalizing the roster. Really strong team, competitive roster, expect a lot from them.

  • Good to get Fred in here, he is a classy guy, tough competitor, fits right in. Gonna give us some nice secure play right now out of the backfield, which we need some help on.

  • Fred will play a lot, he ran the whole offense today, I don't know how he got it all done but he did. He will be ready to go (for Week 1).

  • We will find out how he does on third down, that is the thought that he could be a really good third down guy. He caught 60 something passes out of the back field last season with the Bills. So he is well equipped there.

  • Marshawn got the word out that he trusts Fred and is a terrific team member and come through player when Fred got cut.

  • Will never know if this move would have happened if Turbin hadn't gotten hurt. Immediately when we saw his name as someone available we started talking about him.

  • Russell Wilson was voted offense team captain, Bobby Wagner defense team captain and Jon Ryan special teams captain. Three really good guys that stand for everything we are all about.

  • Turbin has a significant ankle sprain, not worse than originally thought. Definitely gonna take time.

  • Fred can certainly help our young running backs (Thomas Rawls, Rod Smith). Has done so much, has done it all, no question he will help.

  • Kelcie McCray is a good all around football player, excellent ST guy. Leading ST player on their team. A guy that can play in the hole and get up in to the line of scrimmage. He has real good skills in coverage so we are anxious to see where we fit him in. Need to see him play a bit and practice to see what style he brings to us that we can utilize right away. We have some flexibility there so we will see how it goes. It is a very important week for him, compared to Fred who will play this week but not sure about Kelcie.

  • Kelcie McCray versatility is very important. (@gbellseattle: New Seahawks Safety Kelcie McCray says he's comfortable playing both free and strong. Did that in KC, TB last 2 yrs. "I'm ambidextrous")

  • Fred Jackson will definitely play this weekend. Still waiting to see Kelcie McCray come along to know his status.

  • Dion Bailey will start at SS, but wanted depth with experience (Kelcie). Other kids are first year guys, needed more depth with experience. (Especially with Earl coming back from injury).

  • Tavaris Jackson threw the ball today, will throw Wednesday, thinks he is gonna make it.

  • Not interested in talking to teams about trading Kam Chancellor, but teams have called.

  • Nickel back is Burley. Tye Smith also plays there. Marcus Burley played for us last year, we like the way he does it, we gave him a competitive shot with other guys coming after the job and he held onto it.

  • Cooper Helfet is running around, he has a chance, one day at a time (knee).

  • Mike Morgan is probably gonna miss this game (hamstring).

  • Marshawn Lynch had personal matters to take care of today.

My thoughts:

  • Man I am pumped for Fred Jackson. Seems like a perfect fit on the field and in the locker room. Love that he is really good at everything (pass pro for Russ, catching out of the back field and running the rock). Do you realize if he rushes for a TD he will have one more TD than both Turbin and Michael have ever rushed? That is right, in their careers Turbin and C-Mike has zero rushing TDs. So just one from Fred would be a big change for a RB not named Marshawn to get.

  • I feel like I have to assume that Kam lost votes from his teammates, the "Brothers" he "loves" ("LOB" is "Love our Brothers" in his words) because of his holdout. Glad to see Bobby get the Captain's hat. Might be reading into it too much but Pete's comment; "Good guys that stand for everything we are all about." felt like a shot across the bow to Kam.