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Check it out: 12 Scents

I don't normally do things like this, but today I am, because a close friend of mine, Lara Gustavson, has launched a new football-centric fragrance line called 12 Scents, which was inspired by her love for the Seahawks. I've been following along over the past six months and seen the crazy amount of work she and her team put in in developing the line, website, and branding, so it's the least I can do in pointing you toward a cool set of products for Seahawks fans, whether you're buying for yourself or for your significant other.

Head over to the 12 Scents site to check out their two Seahawks-inspired fragrances for women, plus their "The Berm" scented candle, which is, of course, inspired by sitting on the berm at Training Camp in Renton. You can read about the inception of and background behind the project, then check out their Facebook page for more. I really appreciate it, guys and gals. Thanks!