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Seahawks vs. Cardinals: Pro Football Focus Signature Stats notes

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Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

To preview the Seahawks vs. Cardinals matchup for Sunday, our friend from Pro Football Focus, Jim Seki, sent over some notes on a few signature stats. Here's what Jim had to say (and follow him on twitter).

Signature Stats:

-- Russell Wilson and Carson Palmer sit first and second in PFF quarterback rating (QB rating but without spikes, throwaways, kneels, etc). Wilson is the only QB over 100 at 100.61.

-- Wilson and Palmer are both top five in pressure rate, yet are also top five in accuracy rate while under pressure. Palmer has the slightly higher completion rate at 57.8% to Wilson's 56.1%.

-- This game also features six of the top 21 players in terms of WR rating. Both the Seahawks and Cardinals each have three.

-- Both O-lines are suboptimal -- the Seahawks are 29th with a 74.0 PBE (pass blocking efficiency), while the Cardinals follow at 30th with a 73.1.