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Pete Carroll: J.R. Sweezy, Luke Willson out; Russell Okung likely out, Kam Chancellor may play

Carroll also said that he anticipates that Marshawn Lynch will be back to the VMAC Monday

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Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson, and Kris Richard spoke to the media on Thursday and Friday. I took notes on what was said.

Coach Carroll:

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  • We are in pretty good shape with how the guys are bouncing around, we've got our legs and are ready to go.

  • During Wednesday's walk-through, J.R. Sweezy looked different, Pete asked the trainers to talk to him and they did and they noticed concussion symptoms that he didn't recognize and didn't report. He will not play this week. See what happens next week.

  • Have to wait and see who will play at right guard.

  • Russell Okung doesn't look like he can go. We'll see.

  • Okung was sore after Wednesday's practice.

  • Having starters not play on the offensive line won't change Pete's plan to play the starters (like Russell Wilson).

  • Kam Chancellor made it through the week. Looks good and has a chance to play in the game. Will see what happens in his recovery from today's fast practice.

  • Mark Glowinski hasn't had a lot of work, game time work. But they do see him every day, he is a really battler and a technique-sound kid. He has a chance to help us, Pete is really excited about him getting a chance to play. He is tough and has done a lot of cool things since he has been here.

  • Team got a lot of information early on Krisjan Sokoli and Glowinski and banked on that. They had tons of reps during the year, but not in a great competitive situation from the physical part of it. But we feel good about what we got.

  • Luke Willson will not play.

  • Reports on Marshawn Lynch is he is really doing well. He has done all he can do on that end of it. Has really tried to get back as soon as possible. He is having the kind of success in the workouts and they aren't setting him back.

  • Is anticipating having Marshawn back on Monday.

  • Carson Palmer did a really good job moving in the first game and made some things happen. He has good protection. Gonna try to go after him again and make it hard on him. But that stuff surprised us, that he was able to do that.

  • Talks about how long it takes a coach to get his program going and to start being successful, in relation to coaches getting fired at this time of the year.

  • Michael Bennett's toe treatment went well, he will play.

  • Jordan Hill is back and will play.

  • Cooper Helfet and Chase Coffman will start at TE. Chase has done a really nice job for us, he has a terrific catching range and good understanding of the game, he has learned really quickly. He will be right in the middle of it.

  • Chase is much taller than Cooper and has an expansive catching range. Love that he has learned the system so well and he jumps right in with us.

Seahawks Injury Report:


  • Marshawn Lynch (abdomen)
  • Luke Willson (concussion)
  • JR Sweezy (concussion)


  • (DNP) Russell Okung (calf)


  • (FP) Jordan Hill (toe)
  • (FP) Kam Chancellor (pelvis)


  • (FP) Cliff Avril (back)
  • (FP) Michael Bennett (toe)

Cardinals Injury Report:


  • LB Markus Golden (knee)
  • DT Josh Mauro (calf)


  • (LP) WR Michael Floyd (knee)
  • (LP) LB Dwight Freeney (knee)
  • (LP) S Rashad Johnson (ankle/illness)
  • (LP) DT Frostee Rucker (ankle)

My Thoughts:

  • I feel really great about our team if we come out of this Sunday's game clean and then get Marshawn Lynch back for our first playoff game. That would be fantastic.

  • I am really pumped to see Glowinski at RG (not expressly said by Pete but there were some strong implications). If he does a really good job he could potentially make the front office & coaches go "wait a minute...maybe this guy can start in '16 and we can keep RG cheap." Never know. I just hope he isn't a liability in pass pro.

  • I know Chase Coffman is a guy that hasn't really done anything, but I still get hyped for a 6'6 TE who Pete is praising and is digging his catching radius. I wouldn't mind seeing him do this to the Cards.

From Thursday:

Russell Wilson:

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  • Tries to lead, getting those mental and physical reps, each of those count. Doesn't take them off to get rest or a break.

  • Best thing to do is to always be available. To not miss practices, to be out there on game day, that is what he is here for. Big on the mobility part of it to, make sure he is feeling fast and strong.

  • Off-season is huge, might take a week or two off but there is no time to sleep, as he says. Thinks playing two sports is part of why he is always active, is always productive. Does better when he always has something else to do. Doesn't mean in the maintaining part of it, believes in always getting better, fast, stronger.

  • Don't call bad things have had happened "bad", calls them "experience."

  • Not a numbers guy, never has been. Only number he cares about is the win column. Plays a team sport, plays the greatest team sport in the world in his opinion. If you don't win you aren't satisfied.

  • The last time we were in Glendale on that turf it didn't work out how we wanted it to, so Russ looks forward to playing there again.

  • Thinks the last play in the Super Bowl builds him up. Tells him the ball doesn't always bounce your way. It has a lot in the past. When it doesn't work out, how can you use that as encouragement for others? For yourself?

  • Going on the road, playing in Arizona, it doesn't get much tougher than that. It will be a great setup for the playoffs. We have done a great job going on the road this year. Coach has preparing the players during the week for games where the team travels.

  • Doesn't think playing on the road is tough. No place like home but going on the road is more exciting, you get 75,000 people rooting against you. The challenge behind the preparation, the noise, it's fun.

  • The guy Russ looked up to in terms of durability is Leon Washington. Loved his work ethic, his professionalism. Another guy like that right now is Fred Jackson. When Russ was a rookie he knew about it, he had been around professional sports and big leaguers and played a lot of college games. But the NFL is different, you have to take care of yourself. Another big part of it too is the mental preparation. The seasons are so long in the NFL, so much longer than in College.

  • Depends on how many hits you take and how hard they were in regards to how his body feels the morning after a game. Gets up early in the morning and swims, that helps a lot. If he didn't want to get hit he'd play a different sport. Didn't get hit much the past 5-6 weeks so he says he feels really good.

  • Have talked a little bit with Marshawn but not much. Hopefully we get him back and healthy. He is excited for our team and all the success we have had. He is phenomenal team player.

  • Doesn't swim every morning, does swim on Monday, Tuesday, and swam this morning, ran some on the treadmill. Loves being in the water, think it helps a lot getting your body back.

  • Swims laps, swims pretty good. Is not a phenomenal swimmer, isn't Phelps. Will swim 30 if he can swim in a big enough pool. Won't say where he swims.

  • Watched Dwight Freeney growing up when he was on the Colts and even still is a really impactful player. The Cardinals have so many active guys. Their defense is so in sync and in-tuned with one another. It will be a great game, it will be a challenge. You want to play the top teams, you want to play the team that won our division. They play the game the right way.

  • Has asked a lot of questions to guys like Vinny Testaverde (at IMG pre-combine), Warren Moon, and Leon Washington. Hopes to impart knowledge on a younger guy one day too.

Coach Richard:

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  • Both DeShawn Shead and Jeremy Lane are doing what it asking of them. Both are interchangeable at corner and nickel. Really good to see Jeremy put himself back together, back to back weeks. Uses them based on the best match-up possible.

  • Fountain of youth, wherever Larry Fitz lives Coach Richard wants to be. Wants to drink the water Fitz drinks.

  • Like seeing a big shot offense only when we are in position defensively. It is your responsibility to have yourself in position, if you are not they will capitalize.

  • The defense is always progressing, it will never be all locked in, always have things to improve on.

  • Have no complaints about Kelcie McCray at all, praises his play.

  • David Johnson is a big young back with fresh legs, is a powerful guy. Have to wrap him up and get him on the grown. He has broken a lot of tackles.