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Seahawks-Vikings: Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, Pete Carroll post game presser notes

Another Rocky IV art poster (to go with our caption contest from last week) by Jon Smith. Designer, Illustrator, Seattle homer living in Austin, TX. Check out his website here.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, quarterback Russell Wilson, and cornerback Richard Sherman spoke to reporters after Seattle's win over the Vikings on Sunday. I took notes.

Coach Carroll

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  • Could look at this game and evaluate a lot of stuff but this was really a survival game for both teams. Was an amazing defensive effort on both sides of the ball. They did a fantastic job. We had our burst in the 4th quarter that made a difference. Really didn't design the Russell Wilson to Tyler Lockett play, he just had to make something happen.

  • Feel bad for their kicker, but you do have to do all of that just like our guy does too, under the most difficult of circumstances. Everything everyone did well should be commended in those conditions. Our guys were able to play at a high level with all this technology that Bud (Grant) didn't have in his day. Don't think this is a measure of anything, as far as your football. It was guts and stick to it and grit for both sides.

  • Watched the kick, they still gotta snap it and hold it and kick it, a lot has to happen there. It happens. Lots of missed XP this year.

  • Huge play by Steven Hauschka to kill the field goal.

  • Have seen so often the magic that comes out of Russell. Almost made some big plays but we didn't. Rare play but he does stuff like that. Some real magic in that touchdown drive.

  • That too, Russell throwing the ball out of bounds when getting sacked. Hard day for Russell and the offense, didn't execute and move the ball like we wanted to, conditions played a big part of that.

  • Did have issues with the calls on the headsets.

  • Enjoy the heck out of this win is the message of this game. Survived it.

  • Fantastic rushing defense against Adrian Peterson again, held him to 50 yards. This was a day they did try to run it and he did have a lot of carries. Our guys are capable of playing run defense like this.

  • Enough stuff going on that the weather throws you off a little bit. Teddy Bridgewater did a great job in the short game early on. Ball doesn't feel and fly the same.

  • Marshawn Lynch finished practice and after practice he didn't feel like he could go at his locker. Wasn't enough time to build the confidence he needed.

  • Don't know the next step with Marshawn Lynch yet, wait and see.

  • Have been in Carolina before, have played some tough games against those guys. They have made It look easy, dominant on both sides of the ball. Gotta do this on the road, if we wanna do something really special we have to have an incredible run. We know how good the No. 1 Seed advantage is.

  • TE ran into Kam Chancellor, the receiver needs to try to avoid our guy is how Pete looks at it.

  • Range of emotions for Pete is he doesn't change very much. Just had to finish it to see what the result was going to be. Still loves of believing and positive talking to that moment.

  • Saw their kicker kick it pretty good so we felt confident doing it ourself.

  • Think the weather affected Russell's passing game more than they thought it would. Was a factor.

  • Throwing the long passes to make something happen, to see if they would grab (flag) which we got with Tyler one time. Didn't execute the snap well, just wish Jon Ryan would have taken off one way or the other not go over the top, had a lot of field in both directions.

  • Think his nose might be broken, "looks like mine" - Pete.

  • Look at what we just went through. This is an extraordinary challenge here. The Panthers deserve to feel confident with all they have done.

  • Oh gosh, what a remarkable catch Doug Baldwin made. One of the plays of the playoffs.

  • Think we are fortunate we get the win, not lucky, you still gotta execute.

  • Thought Christine Michael did really well. He ran hard all day long, looked like a pro. Happy to see him play the whole game solid and carry it for us.

  • C-Mike got practice reps all week long, had tons of reps.

  • Carroll said a couple things but nothing significant injury wise.

Richard Sherman:

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  • It was all good until Sherman's eyelashes froze. Then realize it is cold out here. Took a jog in the warmup and his contact lens almost froze. Decided it would be good to play with a visor.

  • Think mental toughness played a huge part. Both teams did that.

  • He hooked his kick, was wide left from the beginning.

  • Took the risk to jump the cadence when he almost blocked the other kick, but 4th & 2 means he couldn't take that risk again. Thinks his almost-block had an impact on the kick getting shanked.

  • Thought "Thank you Jesus" when the kick was missed. We never get breaks, we never get the missed kick. Fortunately today we got a break.

  • It was one of those games, their kicker made some great plays. If he doesn't make their field goals the game isn't even in question. Conditions were everything, that is why our team didn't kick it.

  • Shouts out Ahtyba Rubin (his first playoff game) to be where Kam Chancellor is when he knocked the ball away from Adrian Peterson, to get the ball. DeShawn Shead and Jeremy Lane came out to play today, played an awesome game today.

  • Always fun to play Carolina.

  • Will be great to get back to normality (weather) but sometimes it takes a challenge/struggle like this to bring a team together going forward to the next challenge.

Russell Wilson:

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  • Didn't play very good for three quarters on offense. Defense was phenomenal. Able to come up with some huge plays when we needed to. The commitment to each other, commitment to play for 60 full minutes, it wasn't easy, but that is playoff football.

  • Was harder to yell like he normally does cause of the cold. Ball got past Russ, it was a good snap though he wasn't expecting it yet. Tried to cover the ball at first, pick it up clean and look and see if anyone is open and Tyler was.

  • Everson Griffen made a great play, trying to get away from him as much as he could, tried to extend the play and get away from him, chucked it as far as he could out of bounds. That was key, not taking the sack, and getting the FG.

  • Definitely aware of the tackle box when trying to get away from Griffen.

  • Knew it was a run play, had a pass option to it, the ball got by Russ, as soon as he picked it up he peeked to check where our linemen were, saw they weren't downfield so he threw the ball.

  • Was about to change the play when the ball snapped, so that is on him.

  • Missed a couple of throws, missed one early to Fred Jackson and he feels like he never misses that throw. Deep ball was a little bit tough, threw it extremely high to Doug, thinks he got bumped. Weather wasn't a major factor, but the cold affected communication, mouth would freeze.

  • Early on there were head-set problems, couldn't hear the plays. Couple times Russ just called a play, tried to think about the situation and would hear bits and pieces of the play from Darrell Bevell and put the pieces together.

  • Have to do a better job keeping our tempo up especially on the road, but we battled and that is exciting. We believed in one another.

  • Fortunate to have the field goal be missed. Keep believing.

  • Believes in self-talk. Sometimes something might not be going your way but you keep believing in one another and keep trying to find a way. There is no excuse, that is his mentality, find a way.

  • Greatest catch Russell has ever seen, Doug's catch. One of the greatest receivers in the league. Is quick, fast, can make all the plays. To catch in that circumstance, in the cold, remarkable.

  • Go Hawks!

Relevant Tweets:

@BradyHenderson Kam Chancellor on the PI he was called for: "BS. That's all there is to it. I stood my ground and he ran into me."

@TheMikeSalk Sherman was coming off the right side. The kick started left then knuckled farther left. I'd guess Sherman influenced it after last kick.

@Brad_Gagnon That was the first missed field goal this century inside 30 yards in a one-score game in the fourth-quarter of a playoff game.

@bcondotta Michael Bennett said he thinks knee is fine.

@JasonPuckett20 Christine Michael 21-70 and no fumbles. All Pro, Adrian Peterson 23-45 and a fumble. Said on ESPN pregame that no one can stop him.

@KennethArthuRS Adrian Peterson rushed for 63 yards on 31 carries against the Seahawks this season.*

@TomPelissero Carroll on Christine Michael: "He looked like a real pro playing football." Given how Michael's career has gone, that phrasing means a lot.

@christomasson Adrian Peterson said Seattle's Earl Thomas came into Vikings locker room after game to commend #Vikings on their season.

@ESPNStatsInfo Most Postseason Wins - Within 4 Seasons of NFL Debut: 2012-15 Russell Wilson 7, 2000-03 Tom Brady 6

@ESPNStatsInfo Seahawks: 5-2 when trailing by 9 points or more in postseason since 2010. Rest of NFL is 6-41

My Thoughts:

  • Well a win is a win and a win with no injuries is one -- I will gladly take that any day of the week all year long. The upside to watching all that sloppy/poor play that makes us look like we are playing against the Rams is there is an actual reason for it; the weather. So I will take solace in that, and pray that we come out looking like we did in Week 17 when we play the Panthers next week.

  • As for Marshawn, I do really hope he is ready and can play next week. I have really liked what C-Mike has done for us this season but I think to beat the physical Panthers with their strong D-line and LB's we will need Beastmode. I am not fearful that all of a sudden our play-calling or game plan will change because Marshawn is back.

  • Love our run defense, it was incredible. Gotta do the same against the Panthers but it will be tougher considering they have a (more) mobile QB who is basically a RB at times, and is hard to bring down with just one guy.