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Michael Bennett bike ride t-shirt: Limited out-of-retirement print

Get yours. Hurry, seriously.

We're now nearly a year out from the Seahawks' miraculous NFC Championship Game win over the Packers, an event that will forever be immortalized with the image of Michael Bennett riding a cop's bike 'round the stadium in celebration. Confetti raining down. Russell Wilson crying. 12's celebrating in the stands. It was epic.

We did a limited release of BreakingT's amazing t-shirt last year (it sold out quickly) but due to popular demand, and because of the fact that the Seahawks just won another playoff game in somewhat miraculous fashion, the peeps over at BreakingT decided to resurrect the Bennett t-shirt for a limited time.

Get yours.

This is what I wrote last year about it.


In the midst of Russell Wilson's emotional, gettin-a-little-dusty-in-here post-NFC Championship Game interview, the TV broadcast went from closeup on Wilson crying in pure, ecstatic joy, and cut to Michael Bennett, riding around the stadium on what appeared to be a mountain bike* in pure, ecstatic joy.

*(We later found out it was a cop's bike, which is even better)

I went from being on the verge of welling up to yell-laughing at the absurdity of the visual. Michael Bennett is a treasure, and this might end up becoming the most enduring memory that I carry of the game.

With that in mind, I absolutely love this shirt from from the guys at BreakingT:

Relive one of the greatest victory celebrations of all time with our commemorative celebratory bike ride t-shirt.



Get yours right here -->Celebratory Bike Ride – BreakingT


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A small piece of the sales of these shirts supports a local blogger (me) so that's a nice bonus. Thanks again for checking these out!