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Seahawks vs. Panthers: Pete Carroll Monday press conference notes, injury update

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Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll spoke to the media on Monday. I took notes on what he had to say.

Coach Carroll:
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  • Major event going to this past game. One the players and coaches will never forget, due to the conditions and what they were up against. Great learning experience too. What Pete was really fired up about was the attitude of our players, didn't let the challenge of the elements be a factor. The elements were a condition that factored in, you saw how the ball was affected in the punting game and in the passing game. The game goes to the defenses, both defenses played really good ball. Both just slugged it out, and in a game like that it usually comes to a really hard fought game. We found a few plays, put together a 80 yard drive and score, a few plays to get us down there and score, the defense makes a big play, Kearse makes a crucial play and then we kick the field goal. That was it. Then you send the defense back out and slug it out. Very fortunate victory for us, we played really good football, a bunch of cool stuff.

  • Praises Ahtyba Rubin for playing a terrific football game. Really stout play at the LOS. Making big tackles. Then he chases the football and that is how he gets the fumble recovery. He has had a fantastic season and a fantastic football game.

  • Had really good reports from guys that knew Rubin that his character and love of the game and how tough he was. Could tell on film he was really physical on the POA. Asked him to be really stout at a 3T on the LOS. Then asked him to chase the football at all times. He has done that all year long.

  • Had a blast coaching the game in the cold, it was just so crazy. The preparation part of it, the mental side of it (players getting right to be their best), big energy with the players and coaches to not succumb to the challenge of the weather. Whole thing was fun. Seeing Bud Grant out there early in the short sleeves was a great start to the game. It was a unique opportunity (the game). When it went to 9-0 there was a moment of questioning; "We haven't scored once, how are we gonna score twice?" What is going to happen next? We went back out there and got going and got our score, the turnover and flurry to the lead. Made it fun that we were back in it.

  • Stat: 5-2 in play-off games when 9 points down, the rest of the league is 6-41. Absolutely a stat indicative of our "it's how you finish" mentality. It's how you hope to be. Really good thing to know about yourself when you go into these games. Told the guys there is no time we will be out of a game.

  • Rubin is unique for being a big tough strong football player, he has the mentality to just take off and run. When you see your biggest guys inside running like that it fires everyone up. When he gets that fumble recovery, the guys are really fired up for him, he inspires guys.

  • The final kick was kicked much faster than their other kicks. It was considerably faster. For whatever reason they sped up their mechanism. Couldn't figure out how Richard Sherman didn't get the previous kick block. (When asked if Sherman's almost block had an impact on the last kick of the game).

  • There are always things like them finding a tendency and taking advantage (Sherm almost blocking the kick).

  • What stands out about Michael Bennett game yesterday is he is such a problem. He was in the backfield all day long. He didn't really have the numbers (sacks and all that) but he was a big factor, they couldn't block him. Mike gets himself in positions where he gets handled but for the most part he is really a problem. He is so quick to react to things, take advantage of his awareness and preparation and initial quickness.

  • Mike Bennett had a strawberry (knee scuff like your kids get when they fall on the street).

  • Have really gained a understanding on how Michael Bennett is played by the coaches. Sometimes he will penetrate instead of playing the block like other guys would because he knows where the ball is going. Unfortunately he isn't always right but for the most part he is. Have gauged over time to give him that sense to go for it. Always clamoring him to play within the scheme too. There is a way to do it where you take care of your responsibility and don't leave. There is a play in the game that popped out, a 12 yard long run, where Mike took a shot going inside and it wasn't the right time, it happens sometimes that he isn't in the right position. But for the most part he is really good at it. It is a good example of finding a guy who has unique qualities and trying to find a way to fit him into our defense.

  • Perfect plays by Earl. Read the seam route, had a play just like that in practice this week. One of those deals where you carry it right over into the game. The tackle on the reverse was a perfect tackle. Continues to do really good stuff.

  • Christine Michael played really tough, played well. Good and hard and consistent, took care of the football with a good conscious. There's all kinds of things, reads in there that we will work with him on to try to make him a little more accurate. Played like a pro. Really difficult situation, of all the guys he and AP were the guys taking care of the football in the elements and had to take care of it all day long. He dealt with it very well and was very consistent and showed a great conscious with taking care of the ball.

  • Cassius Marsh is really doing things on ST, great tackles. Is doing things really well, is doing things right. Took him a while, he was loose hair out there for a while. He has really bought into the discipline of it and is a big factor. He is a bigger guy on ST out there at 250lbs, it is a good body to have that is that far down the field because he runs well. He has been making a lot of things happens.

  • One day at a time with Marshawn Lynch. Get him out there practicing and see what that means.

  • Shutting down Adrian Peterson twice shows the discipline they played with on our defense. Discipline to understand the scheme we play and understanding the scheme they use in their running game. Be patient and tough when you have to be, physical at the LOS, really well coordinated. It takes all of that to keep him from breaking out. The one time we make a mistake he gets 12 yards. Tremendous illustration of what it takes to play great run defense against a really excellent football player. Play after play after play of doing the right thing. Not just how fast or tough you are, you have to do things right and the guys are doing a great job of that.

  • Marshawn just didn't feel like he could go on Friday. Didn't have the confidence that he would be able to go. This is his first surgery ever and it happens to be in his core, and we all know how dynamic and explosive he is when he runs the ball.

  • Marshawn is not back to square one, he did not have a setback.

  • Planned to play Bryce Brown but it just didn't happen.

  • Will Tukuafu has a hamstring, will have to see what that means.

  • Luke Willson should be back this week.

  • Marshawn really could go up to game time in regards to if he plays.

  • Jon Ryan isn't looking too good. Has a couple shiners. What a great effort by him. Jon got his face smashed, his nose all over here and there, and they fixed it on the sidelines. Stick the cotton up your nose and get back in there kid, he went back in and pulled it off. He did a great job.

  • Pete called the league office to find out about the penalty on Kam. As Rudolph was avoiding Kam's hand came up and was outside his body, that is what they saw and called. Had his hand been inside that wouldn't be called. Would just be incidental contact. But because his hand was out there it gave the guy the reason to call it. That is why Earl wasn't called in a similar situation the week before.

  • Didn't have Sherman go for the block like he did before because they didn't want to take a chance of getting called off-sides. Sherman timed it up so beautifully that Pete knows the line judge was tuned in, he didn't know if Sherman jumped too early or not. Couldn't predict what was going to happen, didn't want to give the Vikings a second shot at it.

  • Doesn't have time to think about winning a playoff game for the 4th straight year. Didn't even know that was something to point out.