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Buy it: The Ken Griffey Jr. Hall of Fame t-shirt

If you wore your cap backwards growing up, it was probably because of The Kid. Get your Ken Griffey Jr Hall of Fame Vote shirt right now.

We run a Seahawks website here but many or most of us are fans of baseball as well. I couldn't help but beam with pride and nearly well up with tears when Ken Griffey Jr. was almost-unanimously elected to the MLB Hall of Fame on his first ballot. If you grew up in the northwest or simply liked baseball over the last two and a half decades, you probably have some very fond memories of The Kid.

If you played Nintendo in the 90's, you played Griffey Baseball, and if I had to make a guess, I would say that there's no player in the world that more people have modeled their swing after than Ken Griffey Jr.

Seattle fans far and wide will point to "The '95 slide" as one of their favorite sports moments, and I'm guessing that everyone reading this has a special memory associated with watching Griffey play. He was, and remains, a sports icon. Probably the greatest athlete the city of Seattle has ever seen. It was a special day last week when the city hoisted a "24" flag to the top of the Space Needle in honor of Griffey's great accomplishments.

With that in mind, even though we're 'bout the Seahawks 'round here, I wanted to point you in the direction of BreakingT's Ken Griffey Jr. Hall of Fame vote commemoration t-shirt.



Buy it here --> The Griffey Space Needle Shirt


BreakingT are the guys that we've partnered with to bring you guys the Michael Bennett Bike Ride shirt and the Field Gulls exclusive Pete Carroll Robber Baron shirt. They're a small company and help support bloggers like you and me (but me, mostly). They make cool shirts. I wear mine all the time.

So, check out the Griffey shirt and get one for you and your dad, or brother, or mother, or sister. Or friend. Or friend with benefits. Or whoever.


Via Bellingham Herald.