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Chip Kelly hired as 49ers head coach

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The new Head Coach of the San Francisco 49ers is none other than Chip Kelly.

The Chip Kelly - Jed York - Trent Baalke relationship should be an interesting one. Just over a year ago, Jim Harbaugh was fired for what many believe to be internal friction between the three, so a reportedly stubborn and bullheaded replacement in Chip Kelly seems like it could be a wild ride.

Kelly finished 26-21 in Philly but after blowing up the roster completely and taking control of personnel in a coup over the last year, results did not come quickly enough for owner Jeff Lurie. I still think that Kelly has some potential as a head coach in this league so it's definitely an interesting hire for San Francisco. There's obviously the old Pac-12 rivalry between Kelly and Pete Carroll as well.

Here is a smattering of reactions to the news from twitter.